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Harnessing Data to Drive Customized Brand Experiences

As brands build their DTC businesses, they have the unique opportunity to own the customer experience and ultimately gather more data about their customers. Over time, they can harness this data to power services and more tailored omnichannel experiences. Hear how brands are using leading-edge technology to collect, analyze and leverage data to: Drive digital […]

Ending Buy Now, Default Later: AI’s Role in Sustainable Profit

In the U.S., 30% of consumers who use buy now, pay later (BNPL) expect to make a late payment in the next year. That’s bad for fintech financiers, consumers and brands – not to mention the BNPL credit revolution. When it works, BNPL helps consumers avoid high interest rates and make bigger purchases. But as […]

DTC vs. Marketplaces: How Next-Gen Fulfillment Helps Brands Win

Cahoot’s exclusive study with Forbes reveals that more than half of the 50 most successful DTC brands on Shopify let Amazon and Walmart beat them on price and delivery experience for their own products. How can brands fight back? In this session, Cahoot’s Founder & CEO, Manish Chowdhary, will dive deep into the logistics gap […]

Reframing Sustainability: How to Turn Lofty Long-Term Goals into Immediate Outcomes

Sustainability is in everybody’s strategy, but the way it is defined, its scope, and the effectiveness of actions is still very blurry. Join author and Co-Founder of ThinkUncommon, Andrew Smith, and Associate Vice President of ESG AT&T, Jason Leiker, for this robust and action-focused discussion about how to get results now and act today on […]

From URL to IRL: Key Considerations for Scaling Offline

Entry into physical stores has always been the “next big step” for brands, whether it be through wholesale partnerships or branded storefronts. But how can DTC leaders determine when to make the leap and which approach is right for them? During this panel, we’ll discuss the role of stores in the DTC world and offer […]

Out with the New, In with the Old: Defining Success in Reuse and Resale

Reuse, resale, repair and refurbishment are becoming core offerings for companies as consumer preferences evolve. People, planet, and profit are proving that they can coexist for a better future, and brands are embracing these opportunities as this market continues to rise. Join this informative panel discussion to hear practical strategies for optimizing reuse, recycle, and […]

How Neighborhood Goods Creates a Seamless Curatorial Philosophy In-Stores & Online

As more DTC brands scale offline and traditional brands scale online, marketplaces can be a good avenue for brands to reach new consumers and enhance brand awareness. Neighborhood Goods has been reinventing the department store and constantly taps into new product segments to give up-and-coming brands greater visibility. Hear from Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Alexander […]

Using Social Commerce to Drive Revenue

Social media has become an integral part of the overall marketing funnel. It is a priority channel for product and brand discovery in the new era of ecommerce. During this session, hear how Jane, a destination for apparel, accessories, and home décor, has developed and scaled a social commerce strategy that includes: Optimizing new shoppable […]

Finding Opportunity in Microsegments

With more customers online and the looming deprecation of third-party cookies, retailers are more “in the driver’s seat” than ever before with data. But how do you use that data in your own campaigns, or in campaigns on third-party sites? This session will review how you can identify key segments of your customers and find […]

Maximizing Marketplace ROI: How to Create a Successful Flywheel Model

To stand out in modern marketplaces, brands need more than in-depth product details. They need high-definition photos, dynamic videos, user-generated content and a constant flow of product reviews. They also need to embrace core marketplace advertising capabilities that drive awareness, clicks and, of course, conversions. But what else do marketing teams need to consider as […]

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