Maximizing Marketplace ROI: How to Create a Successful Flywheel Model - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Maximizing Marketplace ROI: How to Create a Successful Flywheel Model

May 11
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm CT
Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas
Malouf Companies



To stand out in modern marketplaces, brands need more than in-depth product details. They need high-definition photos, dynamic videos, user-generated content and a constant flow of product reviews. They also need to embrace core marketplace advertising capabilities that drive awareness, clicks and, of course, conversions. But what else do marketing teams need to consider as they build and continually update their content arsenals and overall marketplace strategy?

Join this session to get expert insights from Steve Douglas, who, as VP of Business Development, developed a flywheel model that helped Malouf Companies generate $1 billion per year via marketplaces. During this session, he’ll dig into:

  • New content trends and expectations for marketplaces;
  • Common challenges and obstacles with scaling content across marketplaces and commerce platforms; and
  • Tactical tips and best practices for developing a scalable content strategy, supply chain, customer service, etc.

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