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How Coach Embraces Retail Transformation: From Physical to Immersive Experiences

It’s no longer about physical first, or digital first, it’s all about people and community first. That’s why Coach is going all-in on embracing new technology and design concepts that spark interaction and engagement in stores. During this session, Giovanni Zaccariello, SVP of Global Visual Experience for Coach, will share his vision for the brand […]

The Convergence of Retail and Hospitality: Redefining Commerce Through Community

Retailers opening hotels. Brands opening cafes. It seems like more businesses are looking to adjacent industries, like restaurants and hospitality, to uncover new ways to improve customer experiences. And some concepts, like the Brand Closet Showroom Social from A Non-Agency, brings everything together into an immersive, community-driven experience. During this session, get an inside look […]

Top 5 Trends Driving the Future of Store Design

Retail and experiential design expert, Melissa Gonzalez, will kick off day one of Design:Retail to introduce the top trends that are driving the future of store design and experience strategy. From emerging technology to new formats and fixture trends, to building immersive brand communities, she’ll uncover the most critical topic areas in retail to guide […]

Experimenting with “Retailtainment” to Drive Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Retailers are reimagining their in-store shopping experiences by embracing “retailtainment.” For example, Lalo is differentiating in the parenting space by offering classes, immersive play spaces and more immersive components in its first physical location. In this session, you will learn: The benefits of implementing “retailtainment”; Tips to diversify in-store experiences from online; and Best practices […]

Using Visual Merchandising to Bring Digital Storytelling to the Store

The top priority for design and visual merchandising teams is to immerse consumers in the brand story. That means embracing the best of digital and physical design and thinking beyond the four walls of the store. This has been especially true for Parachute, the fast-growing, digitally native home brand, which has set its sights on […]

Radical Retail: Back to the Future

Retail has reopened, reset and redefined itself. Nascent trends that were just emerging have been fast forwarded and embedded into our daily realities as we settle into new patterns and expectations. During this session, we’ll uncover the consumer trends that are influencing the future of store design, as well as: • Global trends and examples […]

Experience Innovation from the High-Growth Cannabis Market

Cannabis and CBD account for a small yet growing market in the retail world. Brands in this category also represent some of the most innovative thinkers in experience design. Given the highly technical and personal nature of these purchases, brands must carefully blend brand storytelling, associate expertise and highly immersive experiences that drive customer engagement […]

How Ring Creates Connectivity Across a Growing Brand

Many brands are bolstering their businesses by going across a network of partner stores and digital channels. But how do you ensure consistency across these different platforms and also ensure that the most critical point of testing and learning, the store, is engaging, relevant and ties seamlessly to digital properties? During this fireside chat, Mimi […]

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