Using Visual Merchandising to Bring Digital Storytelling to the Store - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Using Visual Merchandising to Bring Digital Storytelling to the Store

May 11
4:15 pm – 4:45 pm CT
drew sheriff
Drew Sheriff



The top priority for design and visual merchandising teams is to immerse consumers in the brand story. That means embracing the best of digital and physical design and thinking beyond the four walls of the store. This has been especially true for Parachute, the fast-growing, digitally native home brand, which has set its sights on physical expansion.

Get an inside look into how the brand is venturing across channels and using visual storytelling to immerse store shoppers. During this session, Drew Sheriff, Chief Commercial Officer for Parachute, will share:

  • How retailers and brands can determine key real estate to create “brand moments”;
  • Ways to use storytelling to connect locations to a larger brand mission and story; and
  • Why creating a storytelling environment in store is critical in customer engagement, augmenting the customer experience with not just the product but the company behind the product.

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