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How Dollar General’s Pivot Strategy Became Integral to the Customer Experience

The Dollar General self-checkout experience allows consumers to get in and out of stores quickly.

Since the beginning of the Brand Experience Awards, we’ve made the strategic decision to make “Most Effective Pivot Strategy” a key nomination category. What industry focuses more on pivoting than retail, right? Moreover, the awards started during the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns, and retailers of all sizes were focused on adapting their businesses and customer […]

5 Lessons from Prima’s Killer Content Strategy

Hompage for the Prima ecommerce site

The lines between inspiration and conversion have blurred. Shoppers always want to make sure they’re making the best decisions, especially if they’re making a highly considered purchase. Think about the last time you purchased a new smartphone, mattress or, well, even a new protein powder or skincare regimen! Where did you go? Maybe you checked […]

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