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5 Lessons from Prima’s Killer Content Strategy

The lines between inspiration and conversion have blurred. Shoppers always want to make sure they’re making the best decisions, especially if they’re making a highly considered purchase. Think about the last time you purchased a new smartphone, mattress or, well, even a new protein powder or skincare regimen! Where did you go? Maybe you checked out social media to see what comments were left on the brand’s accounts. Or maybe you went to specific product pages to check out the latest ratings and reviews.

Sure, that’s all well and good, but what if you’re completely new to a product category and need more detailed or technical content. Consider the CBD retail market. It’s still relatively nascent, but it’s estimated to reach $47.22 billion by 2028, up from a mere $4.2 billion in 2021, according to Vantage Market Research. This is a huge opportunity but brands can’t just wait for the money to come. They have to focus on building trust. That’s where branded content can play an invaluable role.

Prima, a CBD brand that offers supplements, skincare and bodycare products, is taking the content marketing opportunity to the next level. The team was awarded a Brand Experience Award this year for their ability to converge content and commerce. And honestly, all brands could learn a thing or two from Prima. Here are five things that stand out:

  1. They go all-in on values: Prima was founded by wellness advocates, science enthusiasts and changemakers that sought to provide products, tools and education to “bring us back to balance.” To bring this mission to life, the team has invested heavily in its “about copy,” which digs into the brand’s values and how it leverages science and “meticulously unlocks the power of nature” to support its customers. An open letter from the founders puts a nice bow on the Prima story and explains why they’re on a mission to encourage self-care and combat stress.

  2. Science is always part of the conversation: Given Prima’s focus on quality, they need to talk about science. Rather than making this feel scary or overwhelming, the brand breaks it down simply with “The Prima Way”: a series of pages on the site that offers details into the science, sourcing, sustainability, testing and transparency. If a consumer is new to the CBD space, which let’s face it, has its fair share of bad products, Prima can help bridge the knowledge gap and help them feel a bit more at ease. This isn’t about conversion, this is about trust.

  3. The customer is in control: Prima has a wide and deep product set, so some consumers may have trouble figuring out where to start. The ecommerce site is structured to allow visitors to browse by benefit (stress, sleep, recovery, mood, skin health) or by product line. Or, if shoppers want to have some fun, they can take an interactive quiz that will ask a few personal questions and then spits out a new self care routine. (We all could use that, right?) There are so many ways for consumers to browse and discover products, and it’s done in a pressure-free way.

  4. Editorial informs and inspires: Product reviews are helpful, but sometimes consumers want to get inspired, too! That’s where powerful digital editorial plays an important role for Prima. Live Prima Magazine adds more context to the company’s mission through educational content about self care, gut health, sex and so much more. Articles are designed to educate consumers about their bodies, CBD and overall, how they can live better lives. While not all product categories tell such an impactful story, there is still value in creating content that reflects broader needs and lifestyles.

  5. The content experience is inclusive: The most notable differentiator on the Prima site is the brand’s focus on accessibility. Visitors can click an icon at the bottom of the screen to customize their experiences to make content more visible, adjust letter spacing, enhance visuals and even remove animations or other distractions that may make it difficult for certain consumers to focus. While the core focus for Prima is to create high-quality products and owned content, the brand repurposes and amplifies content across advertising, social media and other marketing platforms to create a cohesive brand story.

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