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2023 Brand Experience Award Winner Spotlight: Lulu and Georgia  

This year’s Brand Experience Award winners represented the shifting priorities of the industry – from focusing on the speed, efficiency and safety that was top-of-mind during the pandemic, to an emphasis on complete immersion and personalization across all channels to drive customer retention and loyalty. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the 2023 BEA report to read more about the 27 winners and the incredible work they’ve done, but for now, we’re giving you the scoop on one brand winner (also, one of my personal favorites): Lulu and Georgia. 

Lulu and Georgia is an ecommerce company within the home décor and design space. The brand offers elevated essentials and coveted statement pieces to bring your home to life. You’ll find exclusive designer collaborations, uniquely curated collections and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. I highly recommend perusing their website!  

As one of the winners in our Customer Retention and Loyalty category, Lulu and Georgia proved the power of a data-driven strategy — even for brands in the furniture space that have long buying cycles. The brand wanted to improve retention and loyalty and, in turn, focused on three key areas:  

  • Get casual visitors to become subscribers. 
  • Inspire these new subscribers to make their first purchase. 
  • Reduce the time it takes for customers who have bought once to buy again. 

Lulu and Georgia partnered with Bluecore on this three-pronged strategy to use consumer behavioral data and product catalog in a curated way fit to each consumer category. By partnering with Bluecore, the brand learned everything they could about consumers — from their price sensitivities and day-to-day shopping behaviors to their nuanced product preferences, including product type, color, size, style, material and items they’re likely to purchase in the future. As shoppers browse, shop and purchase, their data is automatically gathered, which allows Bluecore to anticipate which products they’re most likely to buy next, and through which channel.  

These insights allowed Lulu and Georgia to automate the design and delivery of one-to-one product campaigns in minutes. Overall, their efforts with Bluecore resulted in a 133% increase in net-new customers and a 229% increase in repeat purchases. In addition, Lulu and Georgia’s triggered email campaigns now account for 40% of its email revenue despite representing less than 5% of its overall email volume. 

 As you can see, their personalized approach led them to reach an exponentially larger audience at the time and place they are ready to engage, which has allowed them to surpass pandemic-era order volumes. To read more brand success stories like this, check out the 2023 BEA report now! 

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