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Inside Perspectives from 7-Figure Sellers

The ecommerce landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and teams are feeling the pressure to develop data-driven, revenue-generating strategies. During this panel, a series of ecommerce business founders and owners will share tips and tactics for success, while also offering candid feedback on how they plan to adapt their marketing, engagement and commerce strategies […]

NFT-Powered Communities: Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

Dip your toe in the water or jump right in? We recommend jumping in and experimenting with this new and exciting technology of NFTs! Hear how you can begin transforming your digital ecosystem and understand the value of NFTs in order to build brand loyalty, personalization, and a sense of community in the digital world. […]

Optimizing Ecommerce Conversions with Modern Day UX

As new digital platforms like TikTok emerge and get further into the mainstream, it’s easier than ever for brands to drive significant traffic to their website. But just because you have spikes in traffic, doesn’t mean that will correlate with a spike in sales. As a result, the big question for ecommerce and digital marketing […]

How 3D is Impacting the Future of Ecommerce Engagement

From digital influencers to 3D and AR commerce to NFTs, 3D is taking over. And for good reason: 3D ecommerce can help more than double conversion rates and reduce returns by up to 40%. This is especially true for the fashion brands and retailers thinking about how they can better reach and resonate with consumers […]

The State of the Creator Economy and Revamping the Influencer Marketing Model

Is short-life content, rather than evergreen campaigns, the new move for brands and influencers? As consumers continue to subscribe to brands that are authentic and trustworthy, influencers are also rethinking their presence on social media platforms. Get today’s industry intelligence and learn how brands are reimagining their relationship with influencers. During this session, we’ll: • […]

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