How 3D is Impacting the Future of Ecommerce Engagement - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

How 3D is Impacting the Future of Ecommerce Engagement

May 12
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm CT
Ashley Crowder
Ashley Crowder
Cynthia Maller
John Burch
Wolverine Worldwide

From digital influencers to 3D and AR commerce to NFTs, 3D is taking over. And for good reason: 3D ecommerce can help more than double conversion rates and reduce returns by up to 40%. This is especially true for the fashion brands and retailers thinking about how they can better reach and resonate with consumers across social media, web, online marketplaces and even the virtual world where NFTs and gaming are providing entirely new revenue streams for brands.

How can you set your brand up for success in this new digital frontier? 3D/XR expert and Founder of VNTANA, Ashley Crowder, will provide steps to build a winning 3D strategy. During this session, you can expect to learn:

  • How visual or immersive ecommerce can improve the customer journey;
  • How to implement 3D/VR/AR into your brand strategy; and
  • How to upgrade 2D to 3D and its impact on the bottom line.

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