Optimizing Ecommerce Conversions with Modern Day UX - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Optimizing Ecommerce Conversions with Modern Day UX

May 12
12:15 pm – 12:45 pm CT
Krysta Lewis
Krysta Lewis
Aisling Organics



As new digital platforms like TikTok emerge and get further into the mainstream, it’s easier than ever for brands to drive significant traffic to their website. But just because you have spikes in traffic, doesn’t mean that will correlate with a spike in sales. As a result, the big question for ecommerce and digital marketing leaders is: “How do we get traffic to convert?”

Hear from CEO and President of Aisling Organics, Krysta Lewis, as she provides key insights into how brands can optimize their website to promote conversions. During this session, she’ll reveal:

  • How Aisling Organics has been able to achieve a 200% higher conversion rate than the average ecommerce site;
  • Tips to optimize your user experience to boost campaign ROI and overall conversions; and
  • Personalized tools to help you identify your site’s weaknesses.

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