Speaker Spotlight: How Ring’s Mimi Swain is Helping Drive ‘Neighbor’ Engagement and Education Across Channels - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Speaker Spotlight: How Ring’s Mimi Swain is Helping Drive ‘Neighbor’ Engagement and Education Across Channels

When your business is part of a much bigger shopping experience that includes a multitude of other brands and categories, you only have so much time to stand out. That’s why companies like Ring are focused on creating consistent, yet compelling, customer experiences that combine high-quality content and digital technology.

The goal, according to Mimi Swain, Chief Revenue Officer for Ring, is to empower customers — or “neighbors,” as the Ring team likes to call them — to make the best decisions possible whether they’re shopping directly online or with a retail partner in a store. Mimi will dive deeper into how Ring has been able to do that successfully across its network of retail partners during the design:retail Conference

But for now, here’s a sneak peek into her incredible insights and how Ring is reimagining merchandising and physical experiences to drive “neighbor” engagement.

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo team (RICE): How do you describe your job to people who are not in the retail industry? 

Mimi Swain: The concept of understanding and inventing on behalf of the customer is something we can all understand. When you boil it down, that’s really what my team is doing. We’re constantly looking for ways to better understand customer behavior, improve their experience with Ring, and deepen our relationships with channel partners and retailers.  


RICE: What do you find most exciting or challenging about your job? 

Swain: I’m most inspired when I hear stories about how Ring products are impacting the lives of our “neighbors.” Our devices and services are used in so many ways, from helping to provide safety and security at home, to connecting loved ones from afar and capturing special moments at the front door. When neighbors share those moments with us, it really fuels me and the team to continue innovating.  


RICE: How has your job changed over the past two years? Which are permanent changes that reflect the long-term vision for Ring? 

Swain: As with so many others, the biggest change to my job — and team as a whole — has been working remotely. With distributed teams working across various time zones, as well as new team members onboarding virtually, we’ve put a lot of thought into how we stay connected — not only to one another, but also Ring’s mission and culture. While working from home may not be permanent, it has permanently changed how we think about productivity and collaboration.  


RICE: In addition to its digital presence, Ring sells through a network of retail partners online and in-stores. What channels or tactics have been most valuable as you’ve strived to acquire customers and drive retail sales? 

Swain: We really try to meet customers where they’re at, which is the reason for our broad distribution model. We’ve found that providing customers choice is what works best. We work hard to ensure that, no matter where customers interact with the Ring brand, it’s a delightful and frictionless experience. Delivering on that promise also requires looking at things through the lens of the retailer and working closely with them to ensure the experience is custom to each retailer and their needs.  


RICE: How have you had to rethink or reimagine your visual merchandising to maximize customer trust and engagement?  

Swain: We’ve developed several solutions to help instill purchase confidence, leveraging online as a tool for customers to learn more while in-store. Through QR codes and shoppable images, customers are directed to an online product page where they can better understand the interoperability of our devices, and even take a quiz to learn what products are perfect for their needs. Given the often-minimal space you have in-store, it’s crucial that you bridge online education and services to round out the customer experience.   


RICE: What are you most excited to share during your session? What tactical takeaways do you plan to dig into? 

Swain: While my role today is broader than retail alone, retail is where my career started and I’m really excited to get back to my roots a bit. Expanding a brand’s presence across a network of retail partners and digital channels can be confusing, especially at the start! I’m looking forward to sharing the learnings I’ve gleaned from my experience at Ring, having been with the company through so many growth stages. I’ll definitely dive into Ring’s growth strategy across our network of partners, the role of physical stores, and how we’ve developed a scalable merchandising model for store expansion. 


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