#RICE22 Speakers Reaffirm the Retail Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE22 Speakers Reaffirm the Retail Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability

Still unsure on how to incorporate sustainability into your retail business? Looking for further insight into how to establish Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals? Trying to understand how to attract and retain the increasing number of consumers that are socially conscious?  
Today’s consumers care deeply about environmental issues and expect full transparency when it comes to products they’re interested in purchasing. And this consumer shopping behavior is only increasing, so retailers and brands must continue to prioritize and shape their long-term sustainability strategy, whether through packaging, supply chain operations or store design. To help retail practitioners better establish their ESG strategies, the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo will feature various brands that have invested in sustainability — and have new lessons and takeaways to share.

Retail Experts Driving Actionable Change

Reframing Sustainability: How to Turn Lofty Long-Term Goals into Immediate Outcomes

Don’t know how to begin mapping out your sustainability strategy? This action-oriented session, led by Andrew Smith, author and Co-Founder of ThinkUncommon, and Jason Leiker, Associate Vice President of ESG AT&T, will dig into how brands can act now to turn their abstract 2050 goals into tangible action today.

Incorporating Sustainability to Deliver a Business ROI

Sustainability is an important initiative for business leaders to consider in today’s retail environment. And while the social and PR implications may be obvious, the business ROI might be elusive to executive leaders and key decision-makers. In this session, Emma Rose Cohen, CEO and Founder of Final, will share how she’s embedding sustainability into all areas of the business and realizing a significant ROI.

Farm-To-Table Tables: A New Model for Sustainability in Global Furnishings  

Manufacturing overseas and shipping thousands of miles over the ocean. Making cheap products that quickly end up in our landfills. When you add massive supply constraints to the equation, you have a perfect storm for brands, businesses, our health and the planet.During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Phillip Raub, CEO of Model No. Furniture. He’ll share key insights into how the company is trying to get closer to its consumer, deliver items faster and create ethical products for consumers.  

Out with the New, In with the Old: Defining Success in Reuse and Resale 

Reuse, resale, repair and refurbishment are becoming core offerings for companies as consumer preferences evolve. People, planet and profit are proving that they can coexist for a better future, and brands are eagerly embracing the opportunity. Join this informative discussion to hear practical strategies for optimizing reuse, recycle and resale. This session, led by Karin Dillie, VP of Partnerships at Recurate, and Lauren Salzinger, VP and General Manager at Frye/Nogin, will cover the different ways brands and retailers are incorporating resale into their business model and the outcomes they can expect.

Creating Supply Chain Resilience and Staying Competitive with Localized Product Sources 

After a long season of supply chain delays, retailers and brands have struggled to figure out how to ensure orders will arrive on time. Is supply chain localization the answer? By sourcing closer to home, businesses can feel more confident about on-time deliveries, but at what cost? In this session, Ryan Close, CEO of Bartesian, will discuss the benefits and challenges of localization. You can expect to walk away from this session with tons of key takeaways on establishing a localized supply chain strategy.

A Resale Renaissance: How Marketplaces Are Driving the Recommerce Boom  

Recommerce continues to surge as consumers focus more on sustainability while trying to buy discounted luxury items. The recommerce revolution reached a tipping point during the pandemic — and that is thanks to powerful marketplaces that support community engagement and seamless browsing, buying and selling. This session will offer diverse perspectives from Anna Brockway, Co-Founder and President at Chairish, and Geronimo Chala, Chief Client Officer at Rebag, on what drives recommerce success and how marketplaces will continue to support the movement. We can’t wait for them to chat about the unique capabilities and drivers of a successful recommerce marketplace and platform. 

If you’re ready to keep sustainability at the forefront, we highly recommend registering now to hear firsthand from all of these retail experts. You can check out more details on their sessions by accessing the agendaNow is the time to register while the Early Bird Pricing is still in effect! Register by April 13 to save and we look forward to continuing the important conversation on sustainability with you in May. 

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