#RICE22 Summit Spotlight: Charting the New Growth Roadmap for CPG - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE22 Summit Spotlight: Charting the New Growth Roadmap for CPG

Fueled by the pandemic, CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies have had to adopt new processes and implement new technologies at a rapid pace. Consumer priorities greatly shifted during this time, which means their behaviors shifted seismically, as well. CPG brands are being challenged by consumers to be sustainable, ethical, transparent and inclusive, all while ensuring convenient and speedy service (piece of cake, right? 😅 ).  

From transforming consumer loyalty strategies with personalization tactics and on-demand delivery services, to improving data collaboration processes, focusing on sustainability strategies and improving supply chain operations, CPGs are striving to innovate across the entire value chain so they can exceed customer expectations and differentiate in the marketplace 

CPG has officially entered a new era, powered by immersive and, in some cases, direct-to-consumer (DTC) experiences. Brands are attempting to keep pace by expanding their product sets, forging new partnerships, testing social commerce and marketplace strategies and, in some cases, are even opening new stores.  

With a DTC model, CPGs can collect even more data, test new opportunities, reach new consumers and gain a larger community following. An omnichannel model is a key driver as well to tap into consumer behaviors online and in-stores.  The more data acquired, the more opportunities there are to make informed business decisions. (let’s be real, without data, it’s just an opinion).  

Understanding this rapid change and the new opportunities CPGs have to stand out, we developed an entire track for our fabulous consumer brands at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. Sessions you can expect during the CPG Go-to-Market Summit include: 

What’s Driving Innovation in CPG? Market Forces Making an Impact 

CPG companies have faced a myriad of challenges over the past two years: Supply chain tensions, record-high inflation and workforce shake-ups are disrupting business operations. Meanwhile, shifting consumer spending habits and brand preferences are impacting how CPG brands are built and go to market. During this session, executives from Clarkston Consulting will discuss the macro-level trends shaping the present, and future, of the CPG industry. Better yet, they’ll offer practical guidance to help brands successfully keep pace.

Developing a Cohesive Sustainability & Social Impact Strategy for Consumer Products  

New “green” start-ups are leading the way in sustainable packaging and product development. They’re swallowing up more CPG market share as more consumers say they want to buy from ethical and socially responsible brands. That means it’s no longer a question of whether your organization should be operating sustainably, but how. In this session, you’ll hear from Sam Ruiz, Founder and Managing Director of Tgthr Collective, as she shares best practices for capturing, analyzing and reporting sustainability data to improve transparency and accountability.   

Revving the CPG Growth Engine with DTC and Omnichannel Strategies 

Curious to learn more about how CPG companies can accelerate growth with an omnichannel and/or DTC strategy? In this session, SmileDirectClub’s CMO John Sheldon will chat with CPG and DTC expert Kristen LaFrance about how the company is growing into an omnichannel business to provide its consumers with accessible and affordable solutions.

Roles and Skills Driving Next-Gen CPG Brands 

With the demand for top-quality talent more pressing than ever, CPGs need to develop a strategy that ensures they win, and keep, the right people to drive their businesses into the future. During this important panel discussion, led by Jessica Mitsch Homes of Momentum and Paul Jaeckel of Global Recruiters Network, we’ll dig into the challenges brands face with the current labor shortage and how they can identify new roles and opportunities that will accelerate brand innovation, differentiation and more.

As CPGs continue to drive omnichannel growth, acquire first-party data and reimagine operations to be more sustainable, we can’t wait to unpack the latest trends and strategies in May! View our agenda to get more detailed information on the above session topics, and register by April 12 to secure the Early Bird Pricing rate. 

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