Rally Your Team at #RICE23: A Winning Playbook Takes Total Team Effort  - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Rally Your Team at #RICE23: A Winning Playbook Takes Total Team Effort 

I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote “teamwork makes the dream work,” which can be (and probably is) overused, but you can’t say it’s not true. When you create a collaborative team environment, employees feel more motivated to do their work. Take the game of football for example; no matter how skilled, the quarterback can’t do the work of an entire football team. All the players on the field must know the playbook, understand which play has been called and know their role in running it successfully. And in order to run the plays successfully, every team member has to practice certain skills and improve upon those skills. We know retail isn’t a game like football, but working as a cohesive, collaborative team is still essential for success.  

At the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, not only is there more than enough space to gather with your teams, but we’ve strategically developed the content and event experience to offer something valuable for everyone in your group. Interested in learning how brands are embracing new design trends to drive connected commerce experience? Curious to hear how emerging brands are rewriting the rules of digital experience across DTC ecommerce sites and marketplaces? Want to know how top brands have embedded agility, collaboration and innovation into the fabric of their businesses to adapt to new omnichannel realities? We’ve got all this and more covered at #RICE23. Dividing and conquering the content is highly recommended to make the most of your experience. After all, there are three micro-conferences with their own tailored agendas: IRCE, Design:Retail and the Retail Innovation Summit. Your team will be able to prioritize session topics, keynotes and workshops that will help you maximize your event ROI and begin to tackle your 2023 priorities. Here’s a quick breakdown of each micro-conference with retail leaders you can expect to hear from. (PS: Group Rates are available. You can save 50% when you register in a group of 3 or more

IRCE – The Connecting Point for Ecommerce Leaders and Digital Marketing Pros 

Take a page from some emerging and disruptive brands shaking up the ecommerce landscape. Learn how they’re rewriting the rules of digital experience across DTC ecommerce sites, social platforms and marketplaces.  

Retail leaders on the speaking faculty include: 

  • Hamid Saify, SVP of Digital Retail, Liquid Death 
  • Nick Bodkins, Co-Founder & CEO, Boisson 
  • Jennifer Berglund, Senior Director, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Once Upon a Farm 
  • Anjarae Hamilton, Head of Retailer Sales & Account Management, Faire  

Design:Retail – The Connecting Point for Store Designers and Experience Architects  

Get inspired by your peers ideating and creating incredible retail spaces! We have practitioners, brand leaders and experiential gurus speaking on everything from the intersection of brand purpose and brand experience to the role of sustainability in next-gen store design concepts. 

Retail leaders on the speaking faculty include: 

  • Bevan Bloemendaal, Chief Brand & Creative Officer, NELSON Worldwide 
  • Cindy Speters, Director of Retail Environments, Purple 
  • Ari Peralta, CEO, mycoocoon  

Retail Innovation Summit – The Connecting Point for Omnichannel and CX Leaders 

Learn from senior leaders and C-suite executives who are navigating new industry dynamics and building new roadmaps for business differentiation growth. 

Retail leaders on the speaking faculty include: 

  • Dominique Essig, General Manager, Conversational Commerce, Walmart 
  • Jaya Balasubranamiam, Vice President, Store No. 8 
  • Kevin Calabrese, AVP, Head of Experiential Design, AT&T 
  • Evan Moore, SVP of Commerce Partnerships, NBCUniversal 

Our goal is to focus on the topics and trends driving industry disruption, and feature experts who have actionable advice and examples to share. Take advantage of the group rate and register with your team, so you can get more learnings and ideas to apply to your business. And of course, don’t miss the opportunity to strategize and learn together in-person in one of retail’s hidden gems: Chicago!  

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