#RICE22 Track Spotlight: Harnessing Innovation to Navigate Supply Chain Complexities - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE22 Track Spotlight: Harnessing Innovation to Navigate Supply Chain Complexities

Pandemic restrictions. Labor shortages. Port congestion. Economic sanctions. Inflation pressure. Inventory scarcities. Sustainability commitments. The exhaustive list goes on. The retail industry’s supply chain is being challenged in completely new ways. According to a recent survey by Mckinsey & Company, 90% of supply-chain executives said they expect to overhaul planning IT within the next five years. But with all challenges come opportunity; as complexities in supply chain continue to increase and remain top of mind for retailers, they are adapting processes to be as efficient as possible.  

Enter: agility.

Retailers are innovating their supply chains by implementing new technologies to protect against future disruptions. By using more advanced technology, companies can get a clearer, end-to-end view of their operations and have a greater handle on their inventory management. Automation and robotics have shown the potential for a more efficient way forward. Another area that retailers are focusing on is forecasting and demand planning. With historical data, machine learning and AI capabilities, retailers can gain deeper insights into consumer behaviors on shipping time preferences, which can help dictate fulfillment strategies and inventory management. Moreover, sustainability remains an essential part of the supply chain ecosystem. With pledges to reduce carbon emissions to zero, retailers are committed to reconfiguring supply chain logistics to drive sustainability results for companies, consumers, suppliers and investors.  

As supply chains continue to evolve into an efficient, always-on ecosystem, retailers are discovering that sharing resources can lead to streamlined operations, reduced expenses and even improved margins and revenue creation. While change is happening at a rapid pace, we have seen several brands and retailers rise to the occasion. And we’re putting them in the spotlight in our track, Winning at Supply Chain, Fulfillment, & More,during the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. Connect and collaborate with your peers in-person to uncover new ideas and opportunities in this vibrant area of the industry.

Improving Supply Chain Agility for a New Era

The Future of Fulfillment: Building a Foundation for Innovative Last Mile Experiences  

Will drones soon bring same-day delivery to the next level? Will autonomous vehicles take over the roadways? What will it take for the retail industry to embrace a shared, collaborative supply chain? As retailers and brands look to the future, there’s a move to iterate and squeeze more efficiencies out of current processes or test out more disruptive innovations. During this session, Senior Consultant at FitForCommerce, Dave Abbott, will discuss practical takeaways to optimize current process and shape future investments and strategies. 

The Next Innovative Retail Platform: Helping Partners Win at Home

With consumers demanding high-quality service, premier tailored products and convenience they can count on, Enjoy is focused on helping premium brands win at home. Spearheaded by Apple veteran Ron Johnson, Enjoy has partnered with leading technologies companies such as AT&T, Rogers and British Telecom to reinvent “Commerce at Home,” and create the first mobile retail store.  Enjoy has built the capacity for speed through complete partner integration, proprietary technology and bespoke coding, allowing for superfast delivery and premium experiences to countries worldwide. During this session, the CTO at Enjoy, Kunal Malik, will discuss how they use system integration, data, apps and machine learning capabilities to design comprehensive last mile platforms. He’ll also provide insight into the importance of building partner and customer trust through expert training and customer education. 

Creating Supply Chain Resilience and Staying Competitive with Localized Product Sources  

After a long season of supply chain delays, retailers and brands have struggled to figure out how to ensure products ordered will arrive on time. Is supply chain localization the answer? By sourcing closer to home, businesses can feel more confident about on-time deliveries, but at what cost? This session, led by Ryan Close, CEO at Bartesian, will offer a close look at the benefits and challenges of localization, including cost and time management, sustainability and other eco-friendly benefits.  

Farm-To-Table Tables: A New Model for Sustainability in Global Furnishings  

Manufacturing overseas under questionable conditions. Shipping thousands of miles over the ocean. Making cheap products that quickly end up in our landfills. Add massive supply constraints and you have a perfect storm for brands, businesses, our health and planet. During this session, hear from the CEO of Model No., Phillip Raub, as he discusses how Model No. is trying to get closer to its consumer, deliver items faster and limit overall impact on the planet.

Enabling Micro-Fulfillment with Real-Time Store-Level Product Data 

The terms BOPIS and Curbside are not new but addressing the challenges of implementing these vital services while maintaining a profitable bottom line must be a key priority among today’s omnichannel retailers. Successful programs start with real-time, store-level product data, which will help determine the right inventory to have on hand to fulfill BOPIS and Curbside orders, in addition to everyday sales from in-store shoppers. Join this session to hear from Roger Gierhart, VP at Trek Bicycle and CEO & Founder at Locally, Mike Massey, as they discuss how Trek and Locally work together to connect the online-to-offline journey.  

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