Look Under The Hood Of Kroger’s Innovation Machine - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Look Under The Hood Of Kroger’s Innovation Machine

When COVID first hit, we felt retail businesses screech to a halt. Stores shuttered, associates were furloughed, if not laid off. While the industry felt like it was in a holding pattern, we saw some retailers step on the gas and really stand out from the pack.  
One of those companies was Kroger. Rather than look at this moment of disruption as an event to be grieved, the team tapped into its commitment of relentless transformation. During Retail TouchPoints’ Retail Reset forum, the editorial team was lucky enough to sit down with Barbara Connors, who is part of Kroger’s data science branch, 84.51°. Now, we’re thrilled to have two members of Kroger’s R&D team share how they transformed their division into an agile innovation machine!  

During the Retail Innovation Conference, Wesley Rhodes and Dan Whitacre will take to the (virtual) stage and share how they’ve taken a practical approach to R&D transformation, embracing an innovate-on-demand model that has served the Kroger brand, and its customers, well. The executives will walk through how they were able to quickly implement groundbreaking innovations and strategic initiatives for the business, including:  

  • Contactless payment;  
  • Curbside pickup;  
  • The DTC Kroger Ship e-Commerce program; and 
  • Pick-up only store concepts.  

This keynote is bound to be chock-full of fantastic examples, tactical takeaways and real-life learnings from the Kroger team that you can apply within your business. All ticketholders will have access to this session, however, there are 50+ more that span across our incredible tracks. You can still register for a two-day All-Access Pass to get access to all content, networking experiences and even our post-event on-demand hub. You’ll also get a $195 rollover toward our in-person event in 2021. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on in, step on the gas and let’s accelerate innovation!  

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