How AR Is Driving Innovation At Facebook & Instagram - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

How AR Is Driving Innovation At Facebook & Instagram

The customer experience is becoming more digitally focused every day. COVID-19 accelerated shoppers’ expectations of the digital commerce experience, and exposed some glaring gaps in many brands’ strategies. Now is the time to innovate your digital commerce approach in order to capture the attention of today’s savvy shoppers. After all, industry experts predict that e-Commerce traffic and conversions will only continue to rise moving forward. 

During the Digital Commerce track at the Retail Innovation Conference, you’ll find out how your peers are using tools like AI, voice tech, interactive digital signage and more to rise to meet the new digital moment. AR in particular is getting a lot of buzz because it allows brands and retailers to show digital products in a physical context as consumers try to limit their brick-and-mortar trips. 

If you’re curious about whether AR is a fit for your business, or you simply want to see where the space is going, then we have the perfect session for you. During the event, Chris Barbour, Head of AR Content Business Development & Partnerships for Facebook and Instagram, will sit down with Vince Cacace, CEO of Vertebraeto discuss: 

  • Innovation at Facebook; 
  • The rapidly changing AR commerce landscape; and  
  • What brands can do with AR to make online shopping more lifelike, no matter where shoppers are. 
Featured Speakers:
Chris Barbour

Chris Barbour

Vince Cacace

Vince Cacace

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