Footage From the Floor: Leveling Up Personalization Strategies - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Footage From the Floor: Leveling Up Personalization Strategies

Today’s consumers expect their online shopping experiences to be seamless and personalized to their wants and needs. We can thank Amazon for that. The online giant is a true master at using data to tailor search results and product recommendations. But through their branded ecommerce sites, merchants have a unique opportunity to create immersive, hyper-relevant marketing campaigns and online shopping experiences.  
As customer retention and loyalty come to the forefront, merchants need to prioritize first-party data collection and utilization. At the 2022 Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, Rajesh Jain, Founder of Netcore Cloud, and Pavan Sondur, CEO and Co-Founder of UNBXD, offered key trends impacting marketing teams, especially as they strive to enrich customer experiences and boost loyalty. Netcore Cloud also shared why they invested $100 million in UNBXD to enhance product discovery and on-site search capabilities. Together, both companies can help retail brands develop a powerful go-to-market engine that will help them capitalize on the growth of ecommerce and embrace experience transformation.  

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