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Brand Founders Reveal The Payoffs Of Risk-Taking

We’ve been hearing a lot about risk-taking lately. We’ve heard that agility is crucial to adapting and evolving with the changing nature of the industry; that teams can’t be afraid to fail fast and learn faster. Talking about it is one thing, but applying these principles takes a lot of guts.

I would argue that very few brand and retail executives have successfully adopted a culture that not only inspires innovation, but encourages risk-taking. That’s why I’m thrilled to be moderating a panel featuring Jane Park, the Founder and CEO of Tokki, and Kalilah Wright, Founder and CEO of MESS in a Bottle. Both women have successfully bolstered their businesses in the midst of a pandemic and are staying true to their values as they find new, cutting-edge ways to differentiate in an increasingly crowded digital climate.

During the Business Agility track, we’ll be hearing from a lot of brand executives about how they’re adopting new ways of working, collaborating and going to market, so they can ride the tide of COVID disruption. But during this conversation, we aim to get deeper into brand development, community building and even product ideation and creation, learning how Jane and Kalilah have uncovered new business opportunities amid the chaos of the current climate.

I hope you’ll join us for this candid conversation between two female founders, as we touch on hard-hitting topics, including:

  • The art of building a relevant and standout brand in a sea of digital sameness;
  • The power of content and community during a pandemic (and beyond);
  • How to inspire a culture of risk-taking as you strive to scale a business; and
  • How to go with your gut, and respond successfully when things get off course.

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