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Are Pop-Ups Poised For Another Revolution?

Jason McNary is no stranger to pop-ups. As the CEO of UNOde50, he has helped the jewelry brand bolster its global pop-up strategy, creating highly tailored experiences for different markets.

Now, coronavirus has led to a digital surge, forcing brands and retailers to reconsider the future of brick-and-mortar. While we’ve seen many companies shutter stores and refine their store formats, but McNary believes that we’ll see another pop-up revolution in which brands will embrace innovative tech to support contactless payment and digital-to-store integration.

And in these uncertain times, many retail brands will opt for the shorter-term, less expensive pop-up way to introduce a product or brand to markets.

During his session in the Experiential Initiatives track, McNary will provide his thoughts on the future of pop-ups and will share practical advice to help executives update their pop-up plans. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Win over Millennials and other next-gen consumers through pop-up shops; 
  • Use pop-ups as a place to make mistakes, learn, evolve and test; 
  • Negotiate pop-up rental cost with landlords; 
  • Engage pop-ups as an omnichannel experience; and 
  • Generate engagement with target customers through experience marketing. 

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