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Why Attend?

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Why Attend?


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Are you set to stay ahead of the game or are you at risk for being left behind? It’s the innovative thinkers who are driving business success today and into the future. Join the brightest minds in retail at this must-attend event to learn how to think differently and exceed your business goals. You’ll have the opportunity to taste the secret sauce and discover which ingredients will create the winning recipe for your organization moving forward.

By collaborating with peers from different retail segments, you’ll uncover ideas you can take back to your office, share with colleagues and implement to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

During this 1 ½-day event, we’ll work together to learn about:

  • The Latest Innovative Retail Business Concepts
  • Extending Innovation From The C-Level To The Store
  • Digital, Wearable And The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • From A Little Black Book To A Silver Tablet: The New Era Of Clienteling
  • From “Likes” To Loves: How To Turn Social Followers Into True Brand Advocates
  • Changing Roles In Retail: Incorporating Transformation, Innovation And Collaboration Into The C-Suite
  • Creatively Motivating And Empowering Today’s New Workforce
  • Content Marketing In A Connected World
  • What You Need To Know About Mobile Commerce/Payment Innovations


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