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Nick Bodkins

Nick Bodkins

Co-Founder & CEO


As Co-Founder and CEO of non-alcoholic spirits retailer Boisson, Nick Bodkins has shepherded the brand to the forefront of the category. Graduating from the University of Central Florida, he cut his teeth at Universal Studios Orlando, orchestrating special event products a la Halloween Horror Nights and more. Relocating to New York, he accepted a job at Ogilvy Mather where he led campaigns for the likes of American Express and Barclays before spending two years at Tough Mudder, producing massive events and races throughout the United States and Canada. Following a stint at Active Network in Dallas, he became Director of Client Development for Simon Data. In the midst of the Global Pandemic, he and his pregnant wife sought non-alcoholic alternatives to continue the ritual of their post-work drink together. Recognizing a void in the market, the couple imagined a retail space tailored to sophisticated alternatives to alcohol. 43 days after devising the initial concept, Boisson—French for drink—opened its first brick-and-mortar locale in Brooklyn. Fueled by his experience powering marketing campaigns and events for numerous household name brands and uncontainable enthusiasm, he transformed the company from a nascent idea into a consumer favorite with five locations in New York, three in Los Angeles, a booming e-commerce business, and an even brighter future.

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