#RICE24 Agenda First Look: How We’re Bringing Content, Community and Commerce to Life!  - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE24 Agenda First Look: How We’re Bringing Content, Community and Commerce to Life! 

Are you ready to dive into the evolving customer journey with us at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (#RICE24) this June!?  

This year’s event will feature more than 55 sessions, including Workshops, Roundtables, Next Stage Sessions in the expo hall, Keynotes and Breakouts across three tracks – Content, Community and Commerce, plus our new C-Suite Corner panel discussions. Our goal? To create a multidimensional learning experience that allows attendees to dig into the latest trends, emerging technologies and actionable insights they can bring back to their team.  
Want to get maximum value from the event experience? Here’s a high-level view of the schedule and our travel recommendations:  

  • Arrive the evening of Monday, June 3, if you have pre-registered to attend workshops, roundtables or the Store Tours on June 4! 
  •  Wednesday, June 5 will officially kick off our conference sessions, keynote and expo hall exploration. Sessions start at 9:30am, so be sure to arrive with plenty of time to check in. 
  • We have a loaded schedule for both Wednesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 6, so be sure to plan your travel so you can stay for the full programming. You won’t want to miss out on learnings from top retail leaders and exclusive networking opportunities! 

 Let’s peek into this year’s agenda and see what’s in store. 

Our Headlining Keynote: Dr. Marcus Collins 

If you didn’t hear the amazing news, our keynote for #RICE24 is Dr. Marcus Collins – Professor, Author and Culture Scholar! At the heart of his expertise lies a deep understanding of consumer behavior. During his keynote session, titled “For the Culture: The Power Behind What We Buy, What We Do, and Who We Want to Be,” Dr. Collins will delve into the profound influence of culture on human behavior. Drawing from his extensive experience and best-selling book of the same name, he will unveil the mechanisms of culture and how retail and brand leaders can harness its power to drive behavioral adoption. PLUS – directly following his keynote, he will have a select number of signed copies of his book for attendees to snag in the Expo Hall! Learn more about Marcus’ impressive career here

Inside Our Conference Tracks: Content, Community, Commerce  

Tied to our theme of “The Evolved Customer Journey – Where Content, Community and Commerce Converge,” our three targeted tracks will provide you with actionable takeaways whether you’re looking to gain insight on new storytelling methods, community-driven tactics or commerce-powered business priorities, we have a dedicated track for you! Check out the details for each track to better understand which path you’re most interested in.  


The Content track will include insights from digital, marketing and content leaders on the channels and tactics that are driving creative story-telling methods and business outcomes.  
We already have executives from incredible companies joining us for this track, such as: Zappos.com, Babylist, Uber, Spotify, IPSY, Liquid Death, Zenni Optical, Reddit and more! 

Topics include:  

  • The Power of Brand Collaborations: How to Propel Your Business Forward 
  • Creating Content that Builds Credibility and Trust Along the Customer Journey…And at Scale 
  • A Practical Guide to AI: Use Cases and Lessons Learned 
  • Inside IPSY’s Membership Model: Personalizing Experiences with Content, Community and Commerce Moments 
  • The Future of the Marketing Team: Leveling Up Your Internal Teams for Better Cost, Efficiency, Speed and Authenticity 
  • Data-Driven Tactics to Improve Customer Retention  


The Community track will include discussions on how brands can build and cultivate communities in physical environments and emerging digital spaces. This is where we’ll explore the intersection of these spaces and how brick-and-mortar stores are evolving to meet the needs of digitally savvy consumers.  
We’re excited to have a rich variety of brands on the agenda to share their insights and stories, including: Michael’s, KIKI World, CVS, Monica + Andy, IKEA, Rowan and more! 

Topics include: 

  • Beyond Ecommerce: How Omnichannel Education and Experiences Drive Engagement 
  • Next-Gen Loyalty: How to Enhance Customer Engagement 
  • Embracing Cultural and Contextual Moments to Build Community 
  • The Evolution of Mixed-Use Retail Spaces 
  • Championing the Customer: A Global Perspective on Affordability and the Evolving Role of Stores 
  • Connecting with Context: How Brands Are Breaking Beyond Customer Segments to Create More Nuanced Experiences 
  • Building Community-Driven Experiences for the Next Generation 


The Commerce track will dive into the evolution of commerce and how new channels and platforms are creating new revenue opportunities.  

Track speakers represent organizations that are redefining commerce experiences and embedding shopping into authentic, personalized moments, such as: Pinterest, The Home Depot, CVS Media Exchange, Albertsons Media Collective, and more! 

Topics include:  

  • VC Perspectives on the Future of Retail & Commerce 
  • Setting a Framework for Measuring Retail Media and Shoppable Moments 
  • Theft & Organized Retail Crime: Breaking Down Challenges & Solutions 
  • What’s Powering Next-Gen Commerce Experiences? 
  • Maximizing In-Store Tech to Improve Retail Decision-Making   
  • And more to be revealed soon! 

Bonus Conference Track: The C-Suite Corner 

NEW this year, we have “The C-Suite Corner,” a programming element that will feature retail executive discussions on some of the most critical macro-level topics in the retail industry, such as: 

  • Investing in Workplace Culture and Experience  
  • Making Market Moves: A Collaborative Discussion on International Expansion 
  • The Future of IRL: Exploring Innovation in Store Design and Experience Strategy 
  • The State of Sustainability in Retail: Adapting to New Consumer Expectations and Business Imperatives  
  • Retail Fundamentals: What Keeps You Up at Night? 
  • Growth Areas and Investment Priorities for 2024 

We’re excited to welcome executive leaders from Primark US, Petco, On Running, P&G Ventures, Bobbie, Rowan, Boisson, Bobbie, ChangeUp and more, to lead these candid conversations.  

But Wait, There’s More!  

Other key elements of #RICE24 will include: 

  • Store Tours around bustling neighborhoods of Chicago with Insider Trends (Note: Space is limited so be sure to register ASAP!) 
  • NEXT Stage sessions in the Expo Hall for you to hear and experience new innovations (Note: expo hall sessions do NOT overlap with the conference sessions) 
  • Our partners at D2 are coming back for one day of programming on Wednesday, June 5, to dive into all things web3.  
  • An exclusive, invite-only reception for our Brand Experience Awards, Retail Innovator Awards and 40 Under 40 Awards winners  
  • Off-hours receptions and curated networking opportunities  

Be sure to check out the full agenda and register now!  

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