Podcast: Preparing For Gen Z & Cultivating Loyalty With Shoppers - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Podcast: Preparing For Gen Z & Cultivating Loyalty With Shoppers

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In anticipation of his upcoming keynote at the Retail Innovation Conference, award-winning shopper behavioralist Ken Hughesat down with Retail TouchPoints Editor-In-Chief Debbie Hauss to discuss how retailers can prepare for the new generation of shoppers. In the podcast, Ken touches on: 

  • The differences in preferences between Gen Z shoppers and the generations before them;
  • The value of millennials in the workforce;
  • Retail brands that are successfully adapting to the shift in the retail industry; and
  • The collaboration between retailers and shoppers on developing products.

Listen to the podcast now!

[audio_player mp3=”https://retailinnovationconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ken-hughes_mixdown_draft_1b.mp3″]


Ken will discuss these topics at length during his #RIC18 keynote. If you’re interested in hearing more, register now! Act quick – there’s a limited amount of space left!

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