Next-Gen Influencer Strategy: From Digital Campaigns to Physical Experiences - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Next-Gen Influencer Strategy: From Digital Campaigns to Physical Experiences

May 10
3:00 pm – 3:50 pm CT
Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins
A Non-Agency
Kyle Hjelmeseth
Kyle Hjelmeseth
G&B Digital Management


The direct to consumer marketplace is now vastly more competitive with the flood of new products, designers and entrepreneurs evolving from the Pandemic culture shift. Established, existing and emerging brands are all competing for the same consumers, who aren’t just experiencing your brand through your owned channels — they’re experiencing it through the influencers they know, follow or discover through the social algorithm. While many brands are looking for ways to optimize their influencer partnerships across digital channels and campaigns, innovative brands are looking beyond these touch points and venturing back into the physical world. The future of social influence lies in physical experience design, what Michelle M. Collins, President of A Non-Agency calls “social experiential design,” where experience strategy and visual tactics must include social media influencer activation — from concept to execution. During this workshop, she and Kyle Hjelmeseth, President of G&B Digital Management, will discuss:

  • The strategy behind the curation of a social experience which includes the unique role influencers can play in bringing experiential spaces to life;
  • How to establish local partnerships that help brands meet their experiential goals;
  • Tips for tapping influencers to drive word-of-mouth and traffic in physical spaces; and
  • Ways to measure the impact and value of influencer involvement.

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