Rachel West - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Rachel West

Rachel West

Entrepreneur in Residence @ RevTech | CEO @ Sonny Labs

RevTech Ventures

Rachel is an Entrepreneur in Residence at RevTech Ventures, CEO and Founder of Sonny, a fintech platform mobilizing women to achieve financial security together, and an Adjunct Professor at Baylor University. She sits on the advisory boards of Fundr and Best Buddies. At RevTech, Rachel became the youngest venture capital fund manager in Texas and lead early stage investments. She also launched RevTech’s Equity for Women Fund, investing in women entrepreneurs helping the retail industry adapt in the age of Amazon. Prior to RevTech, Rachel worked with executives on digital transformations, product development, and marketing technology at an award-winning global boutique consultancy. She also spearheaded several F500 retail + startup partnerships and launched the team to create and drive the firm’s national market expansion strategy. Rachel uncovered her passion for startups through starting and scaling a nutrition program for kids in under-served areas across Texas and driving national expansion for a VC-backed recruiting startup. After witnessing the public good generated through the application of capitalistic principles and concepts, she sought to round out her understanding through analyzing the drivers of public policy formation and impact for one of America’s most influential think tanks.

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