Navjit Bhasin


Founder and CEO


Navjit Bhasin is a visionary expert in strategy, technology, operations, and change management. As a veteran entrepreneur and an active angel investor, he has worked in hands-on roles for several global retailers and consumer brands. He has a keen eye for creative ways to fund growth initiatives and increase profitability. Navjit has built his career as a natural problem solver, having helped some of the retail industry’s biggest brands navigate the changing industry landscape so they can achieve peak operational efficiency, transform their customer experience, and enhance their profitability. Throughout his years of work in private equity, Navjit developed and managed the integration of operations, systems, and technologies for several retail mergers and acquisitions, leading to improved business performance and maximizing deal value. In 2011, Navjit founded Newmine, a consulting and technology firm with a mission to help retailers build a better bottom line. Uniquely focused on optimizing retail commerce, the Newmine team is comprised of seasoned retail transformation experts. Newmine focuses on digital transformation, organization management, operations optimization, and M&A to drive their clients’ profitability. In 2017, Newmine launched its flagship software platform, Chief Returns Officer®, a disruptive, AI-driven technology to help retailers reduce returns. With the rapid growth of eCommerce, returns have become the primary source of revenue leakage and one of the industry’s most expensive problems. Chief Returns Officer provides timely, in-season analysis and prescriptive actions across the retail value chain, enabling retail organizations to work collaboratively to minimize product returns and add millions back to the bottom line. The result is more money for growth, product enhancement, and improved customer experience. Navjit invests in and advises technology companies that are driving the commerce industry into the future. He mentors founders on how to build enduring companies.

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