Dave Abbott - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Dave Abbott

Dave Abbott

Sr. Consultant


Dave Abbott is a Sr. Consultant with FitForCommerce, an omnichannel strategy arm of OSF Digital. Dave is an accomplished marketing leader who has driven digital transformation for many established retailers. He has a proven track record of strengthening strategic alliances and driving transformational programs. He is skilled at aligning strategy with organizational goals and allowing the voice of the customer to speak through the data. Prior to joining FitForCommerce, he was the CMO of Brookshire Grocery Company where he leveraged the pandemic momentum in ecommerce and digital marketing to increase customer retention within their loyalty programs. He drove their digital transformation by designing and digitizing their shopper’s customer journeys. Dave also spearheaded an organizational restructuring plan to create a stronger cross-functional team across departments. Dave has held numerous executive marketing positions at major retailers. As the VP, Integrated Media at The Home Depot, he managed both digital and traditional media for store and homedepot.com. He has also held leadership positions at Oriental Trading Company as the SVP of Marketing, JC Penney as the VP of Direct Marketing, The Walt Disney Company as the Director of Circulation/Database Marketing, and many more.

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