Ben Silver

Ben Silver



Ben Silver is founder and CEO at 3DEN. A serial entrepreneur from the UK, Ben was previously a co-founder at ivee, a venture backed consumer electronics company creating the first wave of voice assistants.

His latest venture, 3DEN, launched in Hudson Yards in March, and is redefining the ‘Third Place’. 3DEN (pronounced “Eden”) is the second generation of the “third place.” A non-membership, pay-as-you-use destination, 3DEN offers convenient and luxury amenities including sound-proof phone booths, nap pods, a spacious lounge, refreshments, private showers and more. With a nature-inspired design that fosters ease and focus, it’s the “third place” between home and work where you can get things done and refresh for wherever you’re headed next. The 3DEN app allows guests to reserve amenities in advance, as well as purchase any of the products they discover while in the space.

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