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DTC vs. Marketplaces: How Next-Gen Fulfillment Helps Brands Win

Cahoot’s exclusive study with Forbes reveals that more than half of the 50 most successful DTC brands on Shopify let Amazon and Walmart beat them on price and delivery experience for their own products. How can brands fight back? In this session, Cahoot’s Founder & CEO, Manish Chowdhary, will dive deep into the logistics gap […]

From URL to IRL: Key Considerations for Scaling Offline

Entry into physical stores has always been the “next big step” for brands, whether it be through wholesale partnerships or branded storefronts. But how can DTC leaders determine when to make the leap and which approach is right for them? During this panel, we’ll discuss the role of stores in the DTC world and offer […]

The Next Era of DTC: Maximizing Growth in an Omnichannel Era

Every successful brand is built upon a “North Star”: A core mission and values that support powerful storytelling and community building. But what comes after that? Brands have access to more tools and tactics that will help them reach customers and achieve their revenue goals. But how can they determine the optimal mix for their […]

What’s Hot in DTC? VC Investors Weigh in

The VC market is hot and ready to invest in the latest DTC brands and innovative retail concepts. But as some players have become unicorns and disruptive darlings, criticisms of their revenue strategies and growth roadmaps have come to the forefront. • How have these new developments impacted their investment plans? • What retail categories […]

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