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Maximizing Marketplace ROI: How to Create a Successful Flywheel Model

To stand out in modern marketplaces, brands need more than in-depth product details. They need high-definition photos, dynamic videos, user-generated content and a constant flow of product reviews. They also need to embrace core marketplace advertising capabilities that drive awareness, clicks and, of course, conversions. But what else do marketing teams need to consider as […]

A Resale Renaissance: How Marketplaces Are Driving the Recommerce Boom

Recommerce continues to surge as consumers focus more on sustainability, while trying to buy discounted, luxury items. The recommerce revolution reached a tipping point during the pandemic — and that is thanks to powerful marketplaces that support community engagement and seamless browsing, buying and selling. Join this session to get diverse perspectives on what drives […]

The New State of Marketplaces and Their Opportunity for Growth

During this session, Jas Krdzalic, Senior Director of Marketplace Strategy at Albertson’s, one of the largest grocery stores in the U.S. that serves more than 30 million customers a week, and Bob Schwartz, serial company builder of technology and consumer-facing commerce companies and brands, will share perspectives on running an online marketplace and empower operators […]

Want to Excel at Marketplaces? It’s Time to Diversify

The rapid evolution and expansion of the marketplace space has created more opportunities than ever for brands to acquire, retain and scale their customer base. But how can brands determine which platforms are the best fit for their business and how much time (and budget) to allocate towards these platforms? During this session, you’ll learn […]

Amazon Aggregator Panel: What Makes a Captivating Marketplace Brand?

Amazon aggregators are taking the ecommerce world by storm. As they swallow up more funding, they’re looking for niche and innovative brands to support, acquire and scale. Are you looking for support in your growth strategies or are you looking for a positive exit experience? This session is for you! During this panel, executives will […]

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