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Tapping Local Creative Communities to Drive Commerce (Powered by MARTK’D)

How are you creating a loyal community for your brand? What makes your brand top of mind for consumers? To cut through the clutter and foster true loyalty, retailers and brands are creating in-store activations that showcase the intersection of education, art and community. In this session, you’ll hear real-world insights from Foot Locker and […]

Bringing Digital Content & Communities to Stores: 5 Fresh Ideas to Test and Scale

How can retailers effectively bring various content streams together to elevate the power and promise of incremental commerce at the store level? It’s all about creating a brand-relevant, and engaging, interplay between branded content, influencers and social platforms where it matters most: at the point of decision in stores. This session will spotlight the modern […]

Small Businesses that Scaled During the Pandemic and Proved Resilient

Small businesses that thrived during the pandemic and are continuing to flourish, all had one thing in common: They shifted traditional ways of thinking to be more inclusive, diverse, and authentic within their communities. Hear from various brands on how they focused on inclusivity, connection, and community and infused these three key components into their […]

Ready Player Three: Commerce Enters the World of Gaming and eSports

With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, $180 billion in annual revenue and 27.9 billion hours watched in 2020, the gaming and eSports industry has grown to become a dominant force in entertainment and culture. This session will uncover how gaming has created the new digital living rooms, malls and arenas of tomorrow, quickly transcending to […]

Activating In-Store Communities with Events, Experiences and Inclusion

Research from the Kearney Consumer Institute indicates that 76% of consumers trust small businesses more than their enterprise counterparts. Why? Because they are embedded into the community. They know and trust the associates. They feel a deep-rooted connection to the store and its products. Brands like goodMRKT are embracing this movement and are using their […]

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