How Your High-Performing Peers Are Experimenting to Ace Online Retail Experiences

The last two years accelerated a shift towards online buying habits, increasing both the effectiveness and cost of doing business online while forcing a lot more competition as spaces get saturated. Come join us for an intimate discussion on the new ways leading companies are experimenting to engage customers with online experiences that convert. Advanced […]

DTC vs. Marketplaces: How Next-Gen Fulfillment Helps Brands Win

Cahoot’s exclusive study with Forbes reveals that more than half of the 50 most successful DTC brands on Shopify let Amazon and Walmart beat them on price and delivery experience for their own products. How can brands fight back? In this session, Cahoot’s Founder & CEO, Manish Chowdhary, will dive deep into the logistics gap […]

Tapping Local Creative Communities to Drive Commerce (Powered by MARTK’D)

How are you creating a loyal community for your brand? What makes your brand top of mind for consumers? To cut through the clutter and foster true loyalty, retailers and brands are creating in-store activations that showcase the intersection of education, art and community. In this session, you’ll hear real-world insights from Foot Locker and […]

Creating an Employee-First Workplace that Delivers Value and Flexibility

Have you taken a pulse-check on your employees lately? The pandemic accelerated the “work from home” and “work from anywhere” options for most industries, but this flexibility is no longer a nice to have. The retail industry must continue to find new ways to adapt the “traditional” workplace to create an environment that truly values […]

Bringing Digital Content & Communities to Stores: 5 Fresh Ideas to Test and Scale

How can retailers effectively bring various content streams together to elevate the power and promise of incremental commerce at the store level? It’s all about creating a brand-relevant, and engaging, interplay between branded content, influencers and social platforms where it matters most: at the point of decision in stores. This session will spotlight the modern […]

A New Framework for Brand Storytelling: Consistent, Contextual and Credible

Digital channels have given brands the power to amplify their beliefs, values and products to more customers than ever before. But with that power comes great responsibility; responsibility to create content, products and experiences that are relevant, trustworthy and even innovative. During this session, learn how the rules of storytelling have changed and how to: […]

What’s Your Omnichannel Personality?

Anyone who has spent time researching ecommerce growth strategies can see that omnichannel selling is the key to success. But here’s what you won’t see: all businesses aren’t created equal. Each one has a different strategy, a different level of maturity and different growth goals in mind. “Omni” doesn’t necessarily mean “all.” It depends on […]

Personalizing Your Digital Economy

Power your digital economy through personalized and unified experience management across multiple business models, surfaces, target markets, regions, payment types and more. Rich data and tooling enhance your ability to meet customers where they are to improve merchandising efficiency. Flexibility and extensibility are critical for adopting to changing market and customer demands, but what are […]