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Supercharge Product Discovery with Relevant, Goal-Oriented Search

When we go beyond the simple search and boring browse experiences that ecommerce has relied on since the 90s, we can offer shoppers the kinds of high-converting, superpowered site experiences that they crave. In this session, we will explore how machine-learning, next-generation semantic search, in-session personalization – can drive loyalty and significant revenue. In order […]

Exploring Profit-Centric Marketing with Email 2.0

Email has become more critical since the onset of the pandemic and brands that are able to differentiate in the inbox can establish a hotline to customers that takes their business to the next level. Learn how to take your program from good to great by embracing the strategies and tactics incorporated under the umbrella […]

Building the Next Billion Dollar Ad Platform: Lessons from Retail Media Giants

In 2021, Amazon’s retail media platform generated a cool $31 billion. Trading on their close merchant relationships, and the pandemic-accelerated shift to online shopping, Amazon charted the course other retail giants are keen to follow. Retail media isn’t just a trend – it’s the future of advertising. With 60% of ad spend going digital by […]

Maximize Marketplace Revenue: Listings, Operations, Strategy and Optimization

The world of marketplaces is expanding and evolving more rapidly than ever before. That means it’s getting more competitive and complex but this also brings loads of new opportunities! So, what are the keys to standing out and driving tangible results through Amazon and other marketplaces? Get ready to dig into marketplace strategy, how to […]

How a Remarkable Customer Experience Can Be Your Best Sales and Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: Competition is tougher than ever these days. Competing on price is a loser’s game — just ask the two gas stations across the street from each other. And competing on product is getting harder and harder as almost everything is copyable — just ask your favorite ride-share company. So, what’s left? How […]

Turning Data into IP: How to Collect, Integrate and Analyze Data to Power More Integrated, Personalized Experiences

New privacy regulations and changes in the advertising landscape have created new urgency around data collection. Rather than relying on third-party cookies, brands and retailers are tasked with creating meaningful and mutually beneficial strategies and experiences that encourage consumers to openly share their data, preferences, and behaviors. During this workshop, FitForCommerce will provide a deep […]

DTC Workshop: Craft Your New Growth Roadmap

The playbook for DTC growth isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every brand brings something unique to the table, whether it be through their mission, values, product lines, experiences or communities. In addition, digital now offers so many new channels and paths for expansion, creating a multitude of methods for businesses to expand and scale. If you want to […]

Next-Gen Influencer Strategy: From Digital Campaigns to Physical Experiences

The direct to consumer marketplace is now vastly more competitive with the flood of new products, designers and entrepreneurs evolving from the Pandemic culture shift. Established, existing and emerging brands are all competing for the same consumers, who aren’t just experiencing your brand through your owned channels — they’re experiencing it through the influencers they […]

Store Tours: Master the Magnificent Mile! 

Venture through a curated list of brands and retailers that are creating unique experiences that blend powerful storytelling, immersive technology, empowered associates and connected communities. Discuss your findings with peers during an exclusive networking party at one of our spots. The Stores: AT&T Sephora Under Armour And more!

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