Elevating Customer Experiences with High-Touch Service and Interactive Technology

Retailers are emphasizing their commitment to the customer journey by putting tech innovations at the center of the shopping experience. By creating a seamless omnichannel approach, customers can more easily engage with and discover new products. Join this session to learn: Strategies to propel personalized experiences forward in stores and online; Best practices to empower […]

Farm-To-Table Tables: A New Model for Sustainability in Global Furnishings

The furniture industry is broken. Among its regular practices: Sourcing materials that are not responsibly farmed. Using harmful chemical treatments. Manufacturing overseas under questionable conditions. Shipping thousands of miles over the ocean. Making cheap products that quickly end up in our landfills. Add massive supply constraints and you have a perfect storm for brands, businesses, […]

The Next Innovative Retail Platform: Helping Partners Win at Home

Retail is always evolving, and customers are craving more personalized experiences and services at home. With consumers demanding high-quality service, premier tailored products and comfort and convenience they can count on, Enjoy is focused on helping premium brands win at home. Enjoy built the capacity for speed through complete partner integration, proprietary technology and bespoke […]

How 3D is Impacting the Future of Ecommerce Engagement

From digital influencers to 3D and AR commerce to NFTs, 3D is taking over. And for good reason: 3D ecommerce can help more than double conversion rates and reduce returns by up to 40%. This is especially true for the fashion brands and retailers thinking about how they can better reach and resonate with consumers […]

NFT-Powered Communities: Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

Dip your toe in the water or jump right in? We recommend jumping in and experimenting with this new and exciting technology of NFTs! Hear how you can begin transforming your digital ecosystem and understand the value of NFTs in order to build brand loyalty, personalization, and a sense of community in the digital world. […]

Embracing IoT Innovation On-Pack and In-Store for Connected CX

Commerce is all around us and that means it can be done at any time. In order to maximize customer reach and engagement, leading-edge brands and retailers are using IoT and connected journeys. During this session, learn how brands across beauty, CPG, fashion and other categories are embracing new technologies to drive in-store and post-purchase […]

Meeting Customers Where They Are Through Personalization

When it comes to online shopping, competition and customer expectations have never been higher. In this day and age, the best way for brands to earn — and maintain — customers is to build personalized experiences on owned channels. Dana Rebecca Designs has done just that, successfully leveraging owned marketing channels to own relationships with […]

Roles and Skills Driving Next-Gen CPG Brands

With the demand for top-quality talent more pressing than ever, CPG brands need to develop a strategy that ensures they win, and keep, the right people to drive their businesses into the future. This panel discussion will dig into the challenges brands face with the current labor shortage and how they can: Identify new roles […]

ERP: CPG’s Secret Ingredient for Omnichannel Success

CPG companies are feeling the pressure to keep pace with the desires of modern shoppers. By improving data collection and collaboration, CPGs can better understand consumer behaviors and make informed business decisions, especially within their retail partner network. During this session, experts from Acumatica will dive deeper into how ERP solutions unify the omnichannel experience […]