Revolutionizing Consumer Choice in the Shopping Journey

There’s been a decade’s worth of ecommerce growth just in the past few years. As a result, shoppers are finding inspiration in new ways and their shopping journeys are becoming much more fluid. Join Martha Welsh, Head of Strategy and Go To Market for Google Commerce & Payments, and Alicia Waters, CMO at Crate and […]

Harnessing Data to Drive Customized Brand Experiences

As brands build their DTC businesses, they have the unique opportunity to own the customer experience and ultimately gather more data about their customers. Over time, they can harness this data to power services and more tailored omnichannel experiences. Hear how brands are using leading-edge technology to collect, analyze and leverage data to: Drive digital […]

Ending Buy Now, Default Later: AI’s Role in Sustainable Profit

In the U.S., 30% of consumers who use buy now, pay later (BNPL) expect to make a late payment in the next year. That’s bad for fintech financiers, consumers and brands – not to mention the BNPL credit revolution. When it works, BNPL helps consumers avoid high interest rates and make bigger purchases. But as […]

Reframing Sustainability: How to Turn Lofty Long-Term Goals into Immediate Outcomes

Sustainability is in everybody’s strategy, but the way it is defined, its scope, and the effectiveness of actions is still very blurry. Join author and Co-Founder of ThinkUncommon, Andrew Smith, and Associate Vice President of ESG AT&T, Jason Leiker, for this robust and action-focused discussion about how to get results now and act today on […]

Inside the Expectations of Modern Shoppers: BNPL, Embedded Payment and One-Click Checkout

To maximize the value of BNPL, you have to truly understand consumer payment behaviors. Want to know what your shopper really wants from this alternative payment method? Join this session, where we’ll dive into: • The behaviors and expectations of BNPL users; • Purchasing patterns and high-growth categories online and in-stores; and • How BNPL […]

Radical Retail: Back to the Future

Retail has reopened, reset and redefined itself. Nascent trends that were just emerging have been fast forwarded and embedded into our daily realities as we settle into new patterns and expectations. During this session, we’ll uncover the consumer trends that are influencing the future of store design, as well as: • Global trends and examples […]

Resale as a Meaningful Growth Channel

Forward-thinking brands are exploring resale, but there are still varying perceptions about its impact on traditional retail. In this session, Anthony Marino, President of thredUP will dive deep into retailers’ opportunity within resale and the solutions that drive a profit. Based on conversations with hundreds of brands and retailers, and thredUP’s experience delivering resale programs […]