Krissie Millan, VP, E-Commerce and Innovation, Rebecca Minkoff

Krissie Millan is a recognized leader in the retail/luxury and digital space, where she drives growth by focusing on strategy, marketing, innovation and technology, and customer strategies across digital channels. At Rebecca Minkoff she is scaling their direct-to-consumer e-Commerce business, while leveraging omnichannel technology and data to bridge online and offline view of customer and develop targeted customer experiences. Before joining Rebecca Minkoff, Krissie worked at Reed Krakoff, where she built their e-commerce business, and at Tiffany & Co., where she drove digital marketing. In addition to her retail experience, Krissie spent 10 years at McKinsey & Company, advising global Fortune 500 companies on digital, growth, and customer strategies. Krissie also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.