Attendee Takeaways: Chip Cook, Senior Retail Design Manager, M&M’s Retail

There’s something magical and motivating about being at an in-person event. You’re surrounded by people who have similar passions and even get to learn from people who have different skills and backgrounds. And when you get the chance to break away from your day-to-day work, you can focus on fostering new relationships that spark new […]

The Scoop on Retail’s Livestreaming Opportunity

As adoption for livestreaming continues to grow for brands and retailers, what makes the leaders and innovators stand out? And what other emerging opportunities (metaverse experimentation, perhaps?) are retailers and brands exploring to deliver on connected commerce strategies?  During the opening remarks at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo last month, Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder […]

2020 Retail Innovation Conference Update; Virtual Event Launching This October

Over the past five years, the annual Retail Innovation Conference has brought industry executives to New York City to address disruption and change in the retail industry. We understand how uniquely the retail industry has been impacted by the current crisis, but we also know just how resilient, determined and innovative this community is. So, […]