Why Party City Isn’t Afraid To Fail Fast Forward - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Why Party City Isn’t Afraid To Fail Fast Forward

For this year’s virtual Retail Innovation Conference, we decided to shake up our track offerings to focus on the trends that have taken center stage during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of our new tracks focuses on business agility — a hot topic as brands and retailers work to respond quickly to new consumer needs and expectations  

During the Business Agility track, attendees will learn the frameworks and best practices that brands have adopted to cultivate a culture of agility and innovation that allows them to collaborate more openly and take more positive risks for their business.  

We’re really excited to welcome Party City’s Shannon Symalla and Julie Roehm to this curated track. During their session, Shannon and Julie  will outline how the retailer has created a culture of testing and learning. Retailers who adopt this testandlearn approach can quickly introduce new customer experiences, adapt to changing consumer behaviors and deliver rapid sales results while refining and optimizing along the way. 

By attending this session, you’ll learn how Party City successfully rolled out curbside pick-up, same-day delivery, contactless checkout, new user experiences, communication channels and affiliate programs. Creating a culture willing to fail fast forward can deliver early results while setting you up for long term success. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Identify the key components for success in any test and learn deployment model; 
  • Refine a planning model for identifying trade-offs, reducing risk, and securing stakeholder buy in; and 
  • Identify at least one to two opportunities to consider a test and learn approach within own retail organization. 
Featured Speakers:
Shannon Symalla

Shannon Symalla
VP Omni-Channel

Julie Roehm

Julie Roehm
Chief Marketing and Experience Officer

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