What to Expect at IRCE: The Connecting Point for Ecommerce Leaders & Digital Teams  - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

What to Expect at IRCE: The Connecting Point for Ecommerce Leaders & Digital Teams 

Attention all ecommerce leaders and digital teams! It’s that time of year again when we dive into the details of what we are planning for IRCE. On June 14 and 15, we’ll dig deep into topics and trends that are top of mind for ecommerce leaders, marketing and advertising executives, social strategists and other members of the evolving digital team. IRCE will feature three concurrent tracks in the conference rooms and one track in the Expo Hall. This year, the same tracks will run on June 14 and 15 for a greater focus on executive learnings and actionable trend-based takeaways. Also, the track sessions will be 45-minutes each, including Q&A time to enhance audience engagement and interaction with the speakers. We know the best learning moments can happen during Q&A and highly encourage it throughout the event!  

Pro Tip: With an All-Access Pass you’ll be able to sit in on sessions in ALL three of our conference programs (IRCE, Design:Retail, Retail Innovation Summit). We know how difficult it can be to take time out of the office with your teams, but we’ve curated the agenda programming to make it easy and valuable for all your cross-functional team members to attend, too. If you’re working from home full-time or have a hybrid schedule, this is a great way to get some time with your colleagues. (Group rates are available!) 

You can check out the full agenda on our site, but for now, let’s breakdown each of the tracks at IRCE that you can start planning for.  

Evolving in the Marketplace Movement 

Starting your own marketplace? Selling through marketplaces? Want to better understand the revenue opportunity of retail media networks? No matter how you’re tackling the evolving marketplace space, this track is for you.  

This track will be led by Kiri Masters, Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy at Acadia. Before it was acquired by Acadia, Kiri was the founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency that helps established consumer brands grow their retail marketplace sales channels. Bobsled was named one of the top 18 Amazon firms by Business Insider and ranks in the Marketplace Pulse Top 100. Kiri is a contributor to Forbes, where she writes a weekly column about retail marketplaces from a brand’s perspective. She hosts the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast and is the co-author of the books Instacart for CMOs and Amazon for CMOs (ranked one for the top 100 retail books of all time).  

Speakers slated to share their insights in this track include: 

  • Jordan Witmer, Senior Manager, Retail Media & Connected Commerce, Johnson & Johnson 
  • Andrew Lipsman, Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce, Insider Intelligence 
  • Anjarae Hamilton, Head of Retailer Sales & Account Management, Faire 
  • Melissa Minkow, Director, Retail Strategy, CI&T 
  • And more! 

The New Playbook for Digital Growth: Marketing, Advertising & More!  

The death of third-party cookies. Rising cost-per-acquisition. An increasingly competitive digital climate. No challenge is too great when you can get marketing and advertising best practices from the ecommerce greats. Dig into the track details below!  

This track will be led by Matt Maher, Founder of M7 Innovations. Matt sits on the international advisory boards of CHANEL and the Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR), and his thought leadership and award-winning work has been featured in Forbes, Quartz, Men’s Journal, Retail TouchPoints and Adweek. At M7, Matt leads a diverse, agile team specializing in augmented and virtual realities, web3, NFTs, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), voice technology, and the Gen Z consumer. M7 guides executive teams at Fortune 100 companies through the rapidly evolving media and technological landscapes, conceptualizing, presenting and executing innovative solutions. 

Speakers you can expect to learn from in this track include: 

  • Nick Bodkins, Co-Founder & CEO, Boisson 
  • Tyler MacDonald, Senior Manager, Social, PacSun 
  • Charlotte Mostaed, Chief Marketing Officer, Health-Ade 
  • Kellie Sawkins, VP of Ecommerce & Marketing, Sundays 
  • Emily Vaca, Founder and CEO, MINNIDIP 
  • Mike Cadoux, Managing Director, QReal 
  • And more! 

The DTC Innovation Forum 

Back by popular demand! This track explores how CPG brands and digitally native brands alike are striving to capitalize on the evolution and acceleration of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) revolution. As business longevity and profitability come into focus, the traditional playbook for growth needs to be rewritten. The DTC Innovation Forum will provide a unique opportunity for executives to dig into the unique trends, challenges and goals of DTC-focused brands. A combination of analytical educational sessions and group discussions will give you the insights you need to develop your own customized plan for the future. 

This track will be led by Rose Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Compass Rose Ventures. Over the past 20+ years she has helped private equity firms and consumer brands build, scale and fund consumer brands, delivering over $1 billion in incremental sales. Rose helps investors and founders of CPG brands who struggle with time and resources to maximize DTC and retail sales to deliver a profitable return on investment. An expert in direct-to-consumer and retail digital transformation, Rose focuses on leveraging the voice of the customer and data to develop personalized experiences across the customer journey. 

Speakers taking the stage in this track include: 

  • Sonia Nagar, Partner, Pritzker Group Venture Capital  
  • Smriti Jayaraman, Vice President, Corazon Capital 
  • Rick Desai, Managing Partner, Listen 
  • Shai Eisenman, CEO & Founder, Bubble 
  • Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy, Adore Me  
  • And more!  

CPG Connect Stage 

Located in our Expo Hall, this track is specific to how the growth playbook for CPG has evolved and how brands have myriad new opportunities to reach consumers and expand worldwide. You’ll hear from executives driving growth for some of the world’s most known and innovative CPG brands and learn how they’re tackling trending topics such as: sustainability, DTC selling models, customer retention, subscription models, loyalty programs, wholesale expansion and more!  

This track will be led by Kristen LaFrance, Merchant Engagement Strategist at Recharge.  

Speakers slated for this new programming element on the show floor include: 

  • Carter Jensen, Senior Manager, Global Ecommerce, General Mills  
  • Jennifer Berglund, Director of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Once Upon a Farm 
  • Chandler Dutton, Senior Director of Retention Marketing, Magic Spoon 
  • Brea Keating, Director of Ecommerce, Omni-channel Sales, Monster Energy  
  • And more!  

Check out our agenda to see what else we have planned during IRCE, the place to experience all things ecommerce and digital experience. Oh, and be sure to register now! Our Intro Rates end on February 16, so now is the time to get the biggest savings of the year!  

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