TUMI’s Charlie Cole: Last-Click Attribution Just Isn’t Enough

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Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer of TUMI, doesn’t mince words about the limitations of last-click marketing attribution: “If you’re managing your marketing spend on a last-click basis, I hope you work in luggage, because I want to compete against you,” he said during his lively presentation at the 2017 Retail Innovation Conference. “It’s just not the way to manage a business.”

While last-click attribution does have its uses, consumers today receive so many marketing messages, delivered through so many media, that more sophisticated attribution analysis is now a requirement for brands: “When we talk about attribution in a modern-day world, accountability has to be expected,” said Cole. “And more importantly, it has to be demanded.”

TUMI was acquired by Samsonite in 2016, which also added eBags to its luggage set in April 2017.

To watch the entire presentation, click here.

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