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The Brand Experience Awards: For Companies Breaking Experience Boundaries

Brand experience. What does that really mean today? The reality is that the brand experience encompasses everything. Every moment when you engage with a customer. Every touch or channel a customer uses to learn about your brand and its products. Everyday shoppers venture into your store.  
That’s why it’s never been more important for retail businesses to closely assess their brand experiences, and find new ways to improve, innovate and differentiate.  
We’ve seen retailers and brands of all sizes and across categories push the experience limits — and they’ve shared their stories on our stage and via our multitude of media channels. We created the Brand Experience Awards to show our appreciation of these brands and, most importantly, share their experiences, learnings and best practices with the broader retail community.  
Although the Brand Experience Awards have only been around for a few years, it has made a big impact on the industry. Past winners include DTC darlings like Brooklinen and UNTUCKit, as well as established brands like Cuisinart and Mattel, and even omnichannel businesses like Sam’s Club, Sleep Number and Verizon. In 2022, we want to spotlight even more brands pushing themselves and the industry forward, and we’re thrilled to announce that nominations for our third annual Brand Experience Awards are now open! Brands can submit their campaigns, tech implementations and stories through March 25 
Do you have a team that has really ramped up innovation to drive business results? Has the organization gone in a new strategic direction and unlocked new revenue opportunities? Are you doing some really cool things with cutting-edge tech? These awards are for you! And given the vast, all-encompassing nature of “brand experience,” we have several categories in play:

  • Digital Innovation: What are the most innovative digital technologies and strategies driving successful omnichannel experiences? 
  • Pop-Ups, Events and Partnerships: How are you using physical spaces and experiences to bring your brand story to life? 
  • Pivot Strategy: How are you adapting your products, services and go-to-market strategies to survive and thrive in an ever-changing landscape? 
  • Marketing Campaigns for the Complete Shopper Journey: How are you meeting shoppers at the touch point to drive purchases and loyalty? 
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty: How are you cultivating community and closeness to your brand to drive long-term loyalty? 
  • Mobile and Social Optimization: What campaigns and tactics are helping you connect with customers in real time? 
  • Store Design and Experiential Retail: Are you leveling up your physical spaces to be relevant and immersive? 
  • Marketplace Strategies and Technologies: How are you capitalizing on the marketplace movement?  
  • Last Mile and Fulfillment: Are you innovating in delivery and fulfillment? How are you mastering the last mile? 
  • The Convergence of Content and Commerce: How are you using compelling content to activate and engage your shoppers? Are you creating a seamless experience from initial engagement to conversion?


It has never been a better time to pause, reflect on your brand’s accomplishments and take a moment to give your team members the props they deserve! We can’t wait to see your nominations flow in and revel in all of the incredible success stories. 

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