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Shinola President Reveals Genesis Of New Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer loyalty is a hot-button topic on the mind of every retailer. While brands like Sephora, Sleep Number and Zumiez have created top-notch programs that have developed cult-like followings, others struggle to create programs that appeal to busy shoppers. 

Shinola, a luxury goods brand that produces watches, bicycles and leather goods, has thrived on its ability to foster deep connections with customers, but as the retail landscape continues to change even the most established brands need to rethink their loyalty strategies. 

Glenn Taylor, Senior Editor of Retail TouchPoints, recently caught up with Shannon Washburn, President of Shinola, to learn more about the brand’s efforts to enhance its customer loyalty strategy.  

To get to the bottom of what of what their customers wanted and didn’t want in a program, the brand, with help from ERDM, conducted one-hour interviews with 30+ customers. 

“We learned a lot from that, and from there we were able to establish what would be the foundational commitments of this program,” said Washburn. “We did find from our research that the Shinola loyal customers really want to be involved; they want to be included.” 

Check out the full Q&A to learn more about the retailer’s new, non-traditional loyalty program, the opening of the Shinola Hotel, the brand’s approach to personalization both online and in stores and more. Washburn will also go into this topic in-depth at the 2019 Retail Innovation Conference. Get your ticket now to access this session, as well as 35+ more! 

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