#RICE24 Community Convos: Brendon Garner, Co-founder & Head of Platform, KIKI World  - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE24 Community Convos: Brendon Garner, Co-founder & Head of Platform, KIKI World 

KIKI, a community commerce company (and software company at its core) launched in early 2023, and is in the midst of an incredible growth trajectory! 

KIKI World’s initial launch featured connected beauty products co-created by the KIKI World community. Using its proprietary platform and blockchain infrastructure, KIKI has created a new way for consumers to connect with each other and brands outside of historical web2 channels like social media. Their loyal consumers have embraced this new approach, which empowers them to co-create products, receive rewards for engagement, participate in product innovation, and connect with other fans. KIKI is truly differentiating in the beauty world by allowing consumers to collaborate with their favorite creators and be part of the process in curating one-of-a-kind products. A masterclass in community-driven commerce!

We’re thrilled to have Brendon Garner, Co-founder and Head of Platform at KIKI, join the speaking faculty this year on an exciting panel session discussing next-gen loyalty programs. (If you want to learn more about how Garner and his team at KIKI are reimagining the loyalty model, check out this great article on Retail TouchPoints!

Brendon has built and helped scale companies ranging from venture-backed early-stage startups to international names by bringing a strategic challenger approach to product leadership. With more than a decade of experience leading teams of engineers, designers, and strategists, he has helped create and implement business and product roadmaps that combine innovative technical approaches and tactical prowess to drive adoption and growth.  

Let’s dive into Brendon’s impressive background and career advice in the Q&A below! 

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE): What do you enjoy most about your role? 

Brendon Garner: Leading, hiring, and collaborating with an incredible team dedicated to building the tools to empower the next generation of groundbreaking artists, designers, and brand builders.  

RICE: In your opinion, how would you define the evolved customer journey? 

Garner: Now more than ever, customers look for both attention and gratification. Being listened to and appreciated are important compliments to tailored social recommendations and product deals. The narrative of choice from the last decade still persists but is pitted against algorithmic recommendations that narrow opportunity. This leads  to a customer journey defined not just by surfacing the right product but also by creating engaging moments that help brands stand out from the swipe.  

RICE: What excites you the most about the retail industry? Is there a challenge or trend you’re most excited to tackle? 

Garner: Looking at the definition of retail through the lens of empowered fans and customers is fascinating. The growing affinity for being part of the brand journey, often through the lens of creators, represents a seismic shift in how the next generation of household names will launch and scale. Finding ways to authentically welcome the participation of fans while growing or preserving brand essence will be an exciting opportunity to engage with over the coming years. 

RICE: What is your top tip to prevent burnout? 

Garner: Connect with a friend or loved one; even a few minutes together can make all the difference. 

RICE: What productivity hack do you swear by? 

Garner: Find your quiet time, ideally before or after your work world wakes up, to think and work deeply.

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