#RICE23 Speaker Spotlight: Kiri Masters, Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy, Acadia  - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE23 Speaker Spotlight: Kiri Masters, Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy, Acadia 

The marketplace movement and retail media landscape are evolving at a rapid pace. Both are presenting new opportunities for brands to drive product awareness, customer acquisition and global expansion. For the retailers starting their own retail media and marketplace platforms, they’re also presenting new opportunities for long-term value creation.  

Over the past year, we’ve seen brand-owned marketplaces take off among retailers across categories, including Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and, of course, Walmart. That’s why we’re offering an entire track at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo within the IRCE micro-conference to uncover where the future of marketplaces is heading.  

The “Evolving in the Marketplace Movement” track will feature a mix of ecommerce experts, advertising gurus, retailers and brands from companies such as: Johnson & Johnson, Faire, Zefiro Waste, Dollar General and more. Now, let us share more details with you on who will be kicking off and facilitating this exciting track! 

The Master of Marketplaces – Kiri Masters 

To help us deliver insightful content and dive even deeper into retail media and marketplaces, we’re bringing in retail marketplace practitioner, Kiri Masters! Kiri is the Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy at Acadia. Before its acquisition by Acadia, Kiri was previously the founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency that helps established consumer brands grow their retail marketplace sales channels. Bobsled was named one of the top 18 Amazon firms by Business Insider and ranks in the Marketplace Pulse Top 100.  

Kiri is a contributor to Forbes, where she writes a weekly column about retail marketplaces from a brand’s perspective. She is also the host of the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast and is the co-author of the books Instacart for CMOs and Amazon for CMOs (which was ranked one for the top 100 retail books of all time). AND she was recently named by Rethink Retail as one of the top retail influencers of 2023!  

Given Kiri’s incredible expertise in retail marketplaces, it was a no-brainer to invite her to lead the “Evolving in the Marketplace Movement” track. She will kick off the track with a 45-minute session to share her latest analysis and best practices to set the stage for the rest of the track sessions. First, she’ll briefly touch on the past and how the space has evolved. Then, she’ll provide insights on the current environment and outline her predictions for where the future of marketplaces and retail media is heading. Get ready to geek out over the latest market data and get expert advice on how you can bring your marketplace strategy to the next level! 

If you want to learn more from practitioners building their own retail media and marketplace strategies, be sure to check out the “Evolving in the Marketplace Movement” track during the IRCE micro-conference at #RICE23. PS: TODAY, 2/16 is the LAST DAY to secure an All-Access Pass with savings of more than $1,000! Register now before prices increase tomorrow!  

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