#RICE22 Sessions Spotlight the Growing Emphasis on Company Culture - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE22 Sessions Spotlight the Growing Emphasis on Company Culture

These days, you can’t turn on the news or read an article without hearing rumblings about the Great Resignation. As if the impact of the pandemic alone wasn’t enough for the retail industry, the Great Resignation has done its fair share of wreckage, too: According to CNBC, retail suffered the second- highest number of quits in August 2021 — over 720,000. 

This begs the question: why are retail workers leaving their posts in such large numbers? Some big reasons are safety, the search for a sense of purpose and low pay. And with 60% of workers choosing a place to work based on their beliefs and values, flexibility and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are also huge drivers of this shift. In short, there’s a lot retailers need to do to enhance their culture, but in the end, it’ll not only be better for your bottom line but for your customer experience, as well. 

At the upcoming Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, we’ll be facilitating tons of conversations on how you can empower your staff, make them happier and, in turn, elevate your customer experience. Get a sneak peek at some of those sessions below! 

Creating an Employee-First Workplace that Delivers Value and Flexibility

The pandemic accelerated the “work from home” and “work from anywhere” options for most industries, but this flexibility is no longer a nice to have. The retail industry must continue to find new ways to adapt the “traditional” workplace to create an environment that truly values internal employees and their time. During this fireside chat, Canetta Reid, Chief People Officer of Francesca’s, will share how the company adapted the workplace to be employee-first in order to deliver on customer-first strategies. 

Next-Gen Diversity, Equity And Inclusion: Sponsorship, Mentorship And More

While many brands and retailers indicate that they’re prioritizing DE&I, their efforts are still very much a work in progress. What does DE&I mean to your company and your consumers? What are the best ways to approach DE&I today and into the future? How can you cultivate a culture of mentorship and sponsorship? During this session featuring Bumbershoot’s Kimberly Lee Minor, you’ll find out how to answer those questions and more. 

From Online to Brick & Mortar: How to Leverage Technology to Deliver the Best Retail Customer & Employee Experience, and Thrive in Physical Retail

Many popular online retail brands have been making the transition to physical stores with tremendous success. UNTUCKit has been one of the most successful brands to have done this, with over 80 stores worldwide today. Don’t miss your chance to hear the full story from UNTUCKit’s Brent Paulsen and YOOBIC’s Eric Rosenthal during this session. 

Driving Innovation Forward by Uniting People, Process and Technology

Retailers are investing in strengthening their digital capabilities to optimize customer experiences, but success hinges on having an integrated, agile and data-driven workforce. Hear from Abercrombie & Fitch‘s first Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Samir Desai, as he shares his vision and strategy for creating an internal data citizenship model to further enhance omnichannel experiences during this session. 

Elevating Customer Experiences with High-Touch Service and Interactive Technology

Retailers are emphasizing their commitment to the customer journey by putting tech innovations at the center of the shopping experience. By creating a seamless omnichannel approach, customers can more easily engage with and discover new products. During this session, Interior Define’s Antonio Nieves and Forrester Research’s Brendan Witcher will share best practices to empower your sales team to become trusted experts for customers. 

Culture is the key to great service. Since so much has changed in the past two years, we highly recommend you register for #RICE22 and sit in on these sessions to get expert advice on how to create a culture that attracts and retains the best employees. Your CX will thank you. Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, so the time to register is now! 

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