#RICE22 Session Spotlight: Evolving in the Marketplace Movement - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

#RICE22 Session Spotlight: Evolving in the Marketplace Movement

Amazon is a retail force to be reckoned with and for years, merchants of all sizes and across categories have tried to beat them at their own game. While some have tried to optimize pricing and promotions, others have tried to host their own shopping holidays. But in the ultimate “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” move, retailers are increasingly implementing their own marketplace models to monetize their real estate and reach across channels.  
Walmart is harnessing its fulfillment capabilities to support its smaller sellers. Nordstrom is doubling down on retail media. Kroger is bolstering content and advertising capabilities to create an immersive commerce experience for consumers. And these are just three of the major headlines; the marketplace market is evolving rapidly to include global destinations, niche players and well, everything in between. It is truly a marketplace movement and during the Internet Retailer Conference, we’ll have a track dedicated to some of the key leaders in this space and the trends that will drive success moving forward. The name? “Evolving in the Marketplace Movement,” of course.

If you’re focused on driving growth through a marketplace strategy, or are even thinking about starting your own, this track is for you! Need more proof? Check out some of the awesome sessions and discussions we have planned!

Tips & Tactics to Help You Seize the ‘Marketplace Moment’

“The State of Marketplaces: Mass, Niche and International Growth Opportunities”

We can’t dig into marketplace lessons and best practices without understanding where the market has been — and where it’s headed. This session, hosted by Marketplacer, will outline industry data and insights to help retailers and brands alike understand the current market opportunity, and what they need to do to see success. Join this session to dive into new acquisition and retention opportunities in this fast-moving space.

“Want to Excel at Marketplaces? It’s Time to Diversify”

With the rapid expansion of the marketplace space, brand sellers have so many opportunities to reach potential customers. But how can you find the right fit for your business? This session will help answer that question! Ryan Dobrin, President of Discount Bandit, will provide guidance to help you identify the right marketplaces for your strategy, and how to optimize your product data and mix to reach your growth objectives.  

“Maximizing Marketplace ROI: How to Create a Successful Flywheel Model”

Online marketplaces give consumers access to an endless inventory. Even a simple search like “tube socks” will drive hundreds, if not thousands, of results. But if you’re selling these products, how do you stand out? Advertising and content, of course! Steve Douglas helped Malouf Companies develop a marketplace flywheel that has generated $1 billion per year. He’s sure to share some lessons from his experience and provide a playbook that combines awesome content, ratings and reviews, advertising and more!

“A Resale Renaissance: How Marketplaces Are Driving the Recommerce Boom”

The recommerce market has surged over the past two years — and that growth is expected to continue. While consumer demand is undoubtedly accelerating, this growth is also due to the incredible innovation from recommerce marketplaces like Rebag and Chairish. That’s why Chairish Co-founder and President, Anna Brockway, as well as Rebag Chief Client Officer Geronimo Chala, will take to the stage for a vibrant discussion on their companies’ growth and how brands and other marketplaces can join the recommerce revolution. 

“Amazon Aggregator Panel: What Makes a Captivating Marketplace Brand?”

Marketplace aggregators and acquirers are offering brands a new path to growth. Whether you’re a founder looking for a seamless exit, or you need infrastructure and expertise to fill internal gaps, it seems like there is a partner for everyone in this space. But what do these aggregators and acquirers look for in a brand? What will allow your business to stand out? Nicole Silberstein, Ecommerce Editor for Retail TouchPoints will have a candid conversation with execs from some of the world’s top aggregators, including Perch and Elevate Brands, to get to the heart of what really matters for our seller attendees.

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