Retail TouchPoints’ 40 Under 40: Spotlighting Industry Trailblazers and Boundary Pushers - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Retail TouchPoints’ 40 Under 40: Spotlighting Industry Trailblazers and Boundary Pushers

The 40 Under 40 awards were designed to spotlight the new leaders, trailblazers, ground breakers and rebels who are eagerly pushing industry boundaries. Past winners include everyone from COOs to co-founders, marketing leads, architects and futurists.  
We’re thrilled to bring back the awards again and celebrate the 2022 winners at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo in Chicago! Know someone who you think belongs in this year’s class of winners? Nominations are officially open until March 18, so now’s the time to sift through your network and acknowledge someone you think fits the bill. A killer 40 Under 40 nominee is someone who has…

  • Brought a new product or service to market: Retail is incredibly competitive, mainly because in the digital era, practically anyone and anything can quickly become a brand. If you know someone that has brought a product or service to market that has addressed a critical market need, give us the scoop!


  • Designed a new, innovative store concept: We’re always thinking about the new role of the store, and we know just how critical new designs and concepts are for helping brands stand out. Submit someone that has helped bring a new store to the world, either due to their creativity or tech prowess.


  • Contributed passionately to their business and industry at large: Industry progress comes when leaders are eager to speak out, share their experiences and support their peers. Do you know someone that actively participates in industry associations, mentors and sponsors their peers and/or focuses on cultivating a culture of collaboration and innovation? These issues are extremely top of mind for all businesses, so we’d love to highlight these executives and the actions they’ve taken to bring the retail community together.


  • Rolled out game-changing technology: Technology is core to the modern business. Do you know someone that has helped make the case for innovative technology in marketing, merchandising, supply chain or another crucial area of the business? Maybe they’ve helped support your team in the transition to a work-from-home or hybrid model? These technology investments significantly impact employee passion, as well as customer engagement and loyalty. Be sure to highlight the “ripple effect” of these big tech moves.  


The retail industry is brimming with leaders and innovators who are bringing the customer experience to entirely new levels. They’re bringing new products to market, unveiling groundbreaking store concepts, challenging the status quo and offering new solutions that address industry needs and pain points. 

Don’t wait. Share your peers’ remarkable stories now!

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