Peek Inside Boisson’s First-Party Data Engine

Peek Inside Boisson’s First-Party Data Engine

Following the over-indulgence that occurred during the pandemic, many people are curbing their alcohol consumption and embracing NA cocktails and spirits. As a result, the non-alcoholic spirit, wine and beer market is poised to grow 31% by the end of 2024, according to IWSR research.  
VCs and celebrities alike are now cashing in either by starting or investing in budding NA brands. But Boisson is an omnichannel retailer focused on empowering consumers — teaching them about the growing NA market and creating a curated list of the best brands so they can spend their money wisely.

 “From our position, we’re not looking to be the Amazon, or everything retailer, for NA,” said Nick Bodkins, Co-founder and CEO of Boisson in a recent interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We’re coming to this market with a thesis that our customer needs to trust that we’re doing the curation. We receive [pitches from] nine to 12 brands a week, and usually out of 100 brands, maybe two to four ultimately get through. Because the last thing we ever want is for someone’s first experience to be clicking on an ad through Instagram and it’s not high quality.” 
To create this highly curated experience that spans across social media, a branded ecommerce site, physical stores and even in-person events, Boisson needs data. That’s why Bodkins, with a strong background in DTC and SaaS technology, prioritized building a first-party data engine that empowered the team to better understand, and respond to, customer behaviors in this new and quickly evolving market.  
“Facebook’s algorithm, Google’s changes and iOS 14 are less relevant when you’re working with first-party data that customers are willing to give you,” Bodkins said. “It’s about focusing on our first-party data strategy, customer referrals and diversification of the channels we play in for acquisition and retention.” 
We know that a lot of our peers and community members are focusing on the same thing. That’s why we’re bringing Bodkins to our 2023 Retail Innovation Conference & Expo in June to share Boisson’s story!
As Co-founder and CEO of the NA retailer, Bodkins has a unique perspective on founding and growing a business. However, with his deep marketing and ecommerce roots, he can offer the in-depth perspectives and best practices many ecommerce teams are looking for as they build out their own first-party data arsenals. During his session, Bodkins will strike the perfect balance between strategic insights and tactical guidance, so attendees can learn how Boisson has been able to:  

  • Use deep customer understanding to create more immersive and relevant experiences across all channels; 
  • Create more agile and efficient marketing workflows;  
  • Optimize the impact (and ROI) of marketing investments; and  
  • Develop a strong foundation for long-term growth.  

Bodkins will be featured in the IRCE micro-conference program in the New Playbook for Digital Growth track. All-Access Pass holders will be able to sit in on his session and many others that dig into the critical strategies driving growth and differentiation. Register now to capitalize on our Intro Rate (available through Feb. 16, 2023) and get face time with one of the CEOs driving the NA market forward!  

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