On the #RICE23 Show Floor: VM Versatility – Immersive Digital Path to Purchase   - Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

On the #RICE23 Show Floor: VM Versatility – Immersive Digital Path to Purchase  

Excited to immerse yourself in the latest connected commerce experiences in the Expo Hall of the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo? Us too! We know how important it is to see, touch, feel and experience innovation firsthand—it’s how you can truly uncover new opportunities and get inspired in your work! That’s why we’re providing unique activations in our Expo Hall.  

One activation you won’t want to miss on June 14 and 15 is VM Versatility: Immersive Digital Path to Purchase. Developed in partnership with sponsors CS Hudson and Glass Media, this activation will showcase the impact and value of bespoke, modular design components that power immersive storytelling in physical spaces and create memorable experiences. Through three different vignettes, you’ll be able to witness the convergence of digital and physical by walking through a highly immersive, customizable, digitally enabled experience that spans the three key stages of the customer journey. Check out the details below about the three vignettes you can expect to see.  

  • Vignette 1: Engage – The Disruptive Storefront: See through the new store window and discover how merchants can combine digital and tactile elements to tell compelling brand stories.

  • Vignette 2: Convert – The Immersive Endless Aisle: Interact with a new-age mannequin that showcases an endless aisle of product SKUs! See how you can maximize engagement in aisle and at end caps to drive omnichannel sales.  

  • Vignette 3: Retain – Bespoke Customization & Curation: Experience dynamic merchandising and curation that can bring product personalization to the next level. This vignette will allow you to customize a look that spans products, colors and patterns.  

We’re so excited to see this experience come to life and share it with all our attendees! See what else we have in store by joining us at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo at McCormick Place this June! Get your All-Access Pass now while Early Bird pricing is still in effect. Prices will increase May 19, so don’t delay!  

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